Saturday 25 May 2024

How To Be Happier?

How To Be Happier?

People are seeking happiness and they find it in many areas. When people seek happiness, they look for things that allow them to escape the discomforts in life. However, there are people who say that they are happy, although they have miserable life situation. In our lives, happiness should be considered as the ultimate point and happiness is actually right here and right now. It is not sometime in the future or someplace else. People who are unhappy could try to self-sabotage themselves and many of them actually have self-imposed misery. There’s no benefit in carrying the extra burden and we should realize that distressed individuals are not happy people.

Here are steps we should do so we could be much happier:

  • Make a decision to be happy: We should immediately declare that we want to be happy and this is the most crucial step of being happy. Being happy is our own decision and the truth is, we should be able to eliminate things that could make us feel unhappy. We should try to respond to external triggers with proper emotions and thoughts. Happiness is actually a choice and we should make that choice now. There’s no point dwelling in bad emotions and it is important to try to be happy.
  • Find incentives: It is also a good idea to find the incentive to be happy and we should ask ourselves why we should be happy. In this case, we should look for things that can make us happy. If we could do things differently, we should know things that we need to change. Although finding incentives to be happy is good, happiness itself is a good incentive. The pursuit of happiness should be the root of our actions and the whole point of life should be our effort to be happy. There are practical benefits of being happy as well. When we are happy, our body will be free of stress responses. In fact, a large proportion of trips to doctors are significantly caused by stress. Stress could cause heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, unwanted weight gains and others.
  • Find something different: People who are happy are able to find something that can make them happy. They always anticipate the “sunshine” and they know that what’s coming will be enough to make them really happy. Sad people always cling to great fear and painful memory. It is important for us to eliminate obstacles to happiness and overall fear. It is important to recall any kind of funny event and happy memory. There are things that we could be grateful and happy about. It is a good idea to look around, so we could imagine how we should achieve things that could make us happier. This will contribute to effective goal setting.

Do something different: It is also important to do something completely different, so we are able to shift our attention. We could also reverse our polarity from negative to positive. We should try to do things that we love to do and we could often achieve this by helping others and being grateful.