Tuesday 28 May 2024

How To Buy A Good Laptop Insurance Plan

For many people, laptops are their primary productivity tool. Buyers are often given an option to upgrade existing base warranty. There are different names of laptop insurance, but they usually protect laptops from accidental damages and defects. There are different things that could cause accidental damages to our laptops, such as spills, electrical surges, drops and falls. However, when purchasing a laptop insurance, we should define specific period of time we plan to use the laptop. Depending on models of laptops, the policy may cost more than a few hundred dollars. In this case, we should make sure that the total amount of premiums doesn’t exceed the value of our laptop.

Like any consumer level electronic devices, laptops also depreciate in value and many users are wondering whether an insurance policy is really worth the cost. However, we should conider that the business world is spending more than $1 billion each year to repair or replace laptops damaged by accidents. Laptops are portable devices and this causes them vulnerable to damages. In general, about ten percent of laptops are damaged permanently due to accidents. Laptops are consisted of many vulnerable components, such as mechanical hard drives and LCD screens. They could get damaged to bumps and shocks.

In fact, it is believed that most laptop users have dropped their laptops at least once. Many of them have also spilled various types of liquid on their portable PC. We have been hearing more than a few laptops accident horror stories. As an example, users could be sitting on their recliner, while their laptop perches on their lap. There are a few unexpected things that can happen when we are in such an awkward position. When our smartphone rings, we could answer it in our haste. Because we have been expecting the phone call, it is possible that we will knock our laptop of our lap and it plunges onto the floor.

When we pick up the laptop, we could see some jagged lines across the whole display. Unfortunately, upon closer examination, we could see spiderweb cracks on the side of the screen. We may think that we could be saved financially, because the laptop is still under warranty. However, it should be noted that many of us purchase only the base warranty. This is the situation when we are hoping for a more comprehensive insurance plan. In this case, the base warranty could provide coverage for repair fees, but not replacement costs for components, such as LCD display. It means that we need to juggle between options, such as spending big bucks to buy new LCD display or purchase a completely new laptop.

By purchasing a laptop insurance policy, we should be able to gain a peace of mind. We will know that it is possible that we will be protected when we need to deal with costly repairs. If we are having expensive laptop models, every penny spend on the plan should worth the price. In fact, it is possible for spend just a few dollar each month if we have an entry-level laptop model.