Tuesday 28 May 2024

How To Calculate The Cost Of Your Wedding Flowers

According to a survey by researchers, the average cost spent by recent brides on a florist including personal flowers, bouquets, centerpieces and other decorations was around £2,141. That is roughly 7% of the £31,213 average that brides spend on their weddings. But let me tell you that both these amounts are more than the actual amount that most of the couples pay. Depending on how large the wedding is and how many flowers are needed, any frugal bride and groom can spend less on florists like around £500 and £1000. Visit best flowers delivered in london to get wedding flowers at reasonable prices and also the same day delivery at your orders placed. Let’s calculate the wedding flower cost in three steps:

Estimate your Wedding Flower Costs:

It is good habit to estimate wedding flower costs for your wedding so that you will have an idea about other expenses. Actual bride’s cost comes to a small amount if she picks bouquet flowers from her garden, then ties it up with fancy ribbon and calls it a day. Flower cost also depends on where you live, plus the complexity and the quality of your items, the actual price will differ from place to place. So you can estimate your wedding cost before buying and spend that amount where you actually need.

What Affects the Cost of Wedding Flowers:

The cost of your wedding flowers is mostly determined by two factors : the price tag of the flowers and the cost of the labor needed to receive, preserve and arrange them.

Certain flowers cost less because they are easy and produced in abundant amount throughout the year. Some examples of cheap flowers are carnations, baby’s breath and alstroemeria. Others are cheap at certain times of year as you can say in- season. Flowers such as chrysanthemums are widely available in the fall, and also flowers offering will vary at different places, depending on geographic locations. Like Mums will be at rock-bottom prices in September in the north areas.


Flowers are much more expensive when their growth is too much difficult like peony, which takes two years to bloom. Orchids and calla lilies are among the higher-priced varieties.

Another factor that can raise your flowers’ bill is being overly choosy about your flowers. You might want plenty of roses in your bouquets, but none else at your wedding. It pays to choose trustworthy florists and let him/her execute your perspective about the cost in the cost effective direction.

Another Cost of Wedding Flowers

Your flowers will become subject to your state’s sales tax and your florists may tack on set up, service and delivery with or without a fee. Florists may also offer to take any rentals of things like vases or centerpieces at the end of the night.

The extra charges add up too much fast so be aware and make sure you consider them when you are budgeting the total cost of your wedding. Even don’t forget to add small spend money. If you plan to negotiate these costs, it is the best way to be upfront. Also, when you select your florist, make sure about the money you provide when you sign the contract, this is considered as a deposit or advance payment.

A florist’s profits on wedding services differ widely depending on different factors.

Conclusion :

In a wedding, there are so many expenses and one has to estimate all in advance, whether it is just about flowers or regarding other arrangements. Here, the post considers three main factors to calculate the amount that will take up the cost for your wedding flowers only. So that you can save money to spend on other necessities.