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How To Charge Reasonably For Courier Services?

How To Charge Reasonably For Courier Services?

Courier services have always been a business of emotions with attached stringent professionalism. Each delivery adds up to the relationship between customers and service provider. The charges for courier services are the very important aspect of this business. And if you are an emerging services provider then this post would provide you some hacks by which you can outperform other service, providers. While deciding upon the cost, multiple factors must be taken into consideration. The better and prudent method is to use the layered technique of pricing. To elaborate on various techniques, you have to go through forthcoming paragraphs. Our aim is to provide you hints that can make your business effective and feasible for your customer.

Begin with mapping your competitors: – Mapping is an important part of courier service when it is about delivering services. However, prior to field mapping to know your range in physical space sense a different kind of mapping is also required. This mapping relates to knowing your competitors price mechanism. You can run a brief survey over telephone or internet to know what are the trends and norms being followed by different courier service provider. It will help in know the range of minimum and maximum charges and will contribute to your indexing of price chart.

How To Charge Reasonably For Courier Services?

Choose layered pricing. Layered pricing refers to charging according to the courier being deliver. Some companies use the weight of the courier as a basis of layered pricing. A layer of prices for different weights of goods allows you to deliver with caution. If you charge a general price for every type of courier, then you would be limiting your customer base.

Differentiate between critical and uncritical deliveries will be helpful. As prices can be layered so it could be done with the different couriers. Some couriers are high on priority list whereas others can be categorised into the categories of ‘uncritical delivery’. Those with the highest priority could be charged differently than those which rank low on the priority list.

Giving your customer an opportunity to get their courier being delivered on weekends can provide you an advantage over other competitors. Delivering on the weekend is very helpful from customers convenience. The charges for this convenience could be higher as working on weekends would be a hectic task for your business make sure you get more than what you usually get.

Allow them to choose their time slot otherwise charge for waiting. It is often a most annoying issue for the delivery boys and inefficient practice to wait for the customers outside their house or pre-mentioned locations. This would increase the efficiency and also make sure that other couriers do not get affected by any particular customer. Further, you can also charge separately if the customer asks for a change in venue at the last moment. But make sure you are open to concerns of customers instead of blindly charging for every special services.

With these general hack to chart out a reasonable price mechanism  you can have the efficiency you wish to achieve. Also make sure that if charge a sufficient amount for each courier the packaging and other should be by the price customer is paying. If all these and your adaptive techniques are applied, then you will be able to comply with challenges of your industry easily.