Thursday 20 June 2024

How To Choose The Perfect Ceiling Fan For Your Designer Ceiling?

How To Choose The Perfect Ceiling Fan For Your Designer Ceiling?

Ceiling fans have become a part of our lives. We cannot think a single day without it especially during summer. Ceiling fans are an extremely low-cost electrical appliance which spends only 65 watts per hour. It circulates the air in the whole room and that is how minimizes the heat. Though it has no function in cooling or manipulating the temperature it can indirectly effective to fight the heat during summer. Designer ceilings are now very much in trend and it makes the room look very fashionable and modern. To complement the designer ceiling properly one must choose a nice ceiling fan. Choosing the right ceiling fan can be confusing sometimes and also takes lots of effort. There are some aspects which must be kept in mind during choosing the right ceiling fan such as the height of the fan, the style of the blades, the controls and the size.

The Size and Height of the Ceiling Fan:

To get the full effect of a ceiling fan and proper circulation of air the fan must be at a height of 7-9 feet from the ground. Therefore, before choosing the ceiling fan, keep in mind the height of your room. The availability of designer ceiling fans online India and offline is huge.There are various types of ceiling fans depending on the height such as a low ceiling, high ceiling and average ceiling. The low ceilings are for the rooms that have a ceiling of 8 feet or less than 8 feet. In this case, the fans generally stay close as possible to the ceiling and do not have any rods to maintain the lower height. The high and the averagely sized fans are used in a room with 9 feet or more height. This type of fans generally comes with a rod. The space between the ceiling and the blades are needed for better circulation of the sir. In case the height of the room is higher than 10 feet, two rods can be used. The size of the fan depends upon the square feet of the room. If the size of the fan is smaller or bigger than the room the air will not circulate properly.

The Control of the Fan:

There are generally three ways to control a ceiling fan. At first, the wall switches were introduced to control the fans. Then with the introduction of new technology, this method was evolved and introduced pull chain and the remote system. These new technologies are available in the good ceiling fans in india.

The Design and Style of Blades:

The blades control the efficiency of a ceiling fan. The number of blades varies from 2 to 6. It is totally a personal choice that how many blades will you like your fan. The blades should be oriented in such a fashion that one side is directed towards the upward direction while the other is towards downwards. This creates a change in the environment around the room by circulating the air in the whole room.