Friday 19 July 2024

How To Combat Driving Lessons Nerves – Simple Tips To Help

Learning to drive is something that has been traditionally associated with teenagers and young adults in the years following the 17th birthday.  However, these days it is increasingly popular for adults of much older ages to make the decision to learn to drive, in order to enjoy the freedom that has escaped them throughout their lives to date. Unfortunately, one thing that never changes, regardless of how old you are is that feeling of intense butterflies when it comes to approaching that all-important first lesson. And not just the first lesson either, as some will find themselves largely dreading every subsequent lesson for some time at least.

So in the opinion of the very best driving instructors in Oxford, what exactly can newcomers to driving do to help combat their nerves? Or more accurately, what are the kinds of non-spiritual and voodoo-free tips and techniques that are actually known to work?

How To Combat Driving Lessons Nerves – Simple Tips To Help

Eat Well

First of all, that sinking feeling in your stomach will only ever feel a thousand times worse if you are also completely hollow. It is natural to lose your appetite somewhat when there is something you’re nervous about, but in certain instances like this, being hungry is guaranteed to make things worse. That’s not to say that you should necessarily chomp down the greasiest and heaviest meal of your life just before stepping out for your first driving lesson, but it certainly means that you should eat well before you go. And just for the record the answer is yes, a full English breakfast usually does the job quite nicely.

Listen To The Right Music

In the days and weeks running up to your driving tuition, consider making yourself a playlist featuring all of your favourite music that either inspires you and relaxes you. This doesn’t mean any kind of dark satanic heavy metal or seriously depressing love songs that are likely to have you spending your lessons in tears, but rather the kind of music that really does transport you to a much more chilled out location inside.

Do Your Homework

There was a time when newcomers to the world of driving only got to find out what a proper textbook maneuver was when they were charged with the task of actually doing it themselves. These days however, things are far more advantageous for students as the Internet is filled with a million and one resources showing you how to do every last thing from beginning to end. And they are also 100% free of charge in most cases – YouTube being a brilliant resource to watch videos and instructional pieces on how to succeed in your driving lessons.

Keep Yourself Busy

While it’s true to say that you should make sure you head out for your driving lessons in a wonderfully calm state of mind and well rested, there’s nothing worse than sitting around for days or weeks before your lesson worrying yourself half to death. If you really find yourself in a situation where your driving lessons are playing on your mind and making it difficult for you to think of anything else, it’s actually a better idea to make sure you keep yourself busy. Whether it’s a case of giving some extra time to your favourite hobbies or simply finally getting around to those chores you been putting off for months, keeping yourself busy and your mind active will work wonders for your nerves.

Log Off

There is a very good reason why so many people these days do not tell anyone they are learning to drive and certainly do not publicize the fact that their driving test is coming up. The reason is because the more people who know you are learning to drive or heading toward your test, the more pressure you will feel to succeed.  Social media can be a great thing, but if you were to announce online that you were learning to drive and send this message to a huge group of people, that’s a huge group of people who although will wish you luck and keep their fingers crossed for you, will also pile on the pressure. If you’re the nervous type, it’s often best to keep things rather more private.

Cold Comfort

Last but not least, try to remember that no matter how nervous you are or how long it takes you to pass your driving test, there will always be other learner drivers far worse off than you. Indeed, some learners are literally too terrified to ever make the call in the first place to book a lesson and then there are those that have taken dozens and dozens of tests over periods of decades and still haven’t mastered the basics. Suffice to say, statistically speaking you will instantly be a hell of a better driver than a lot of people!