Sunday 19 May 2024

How To Do Trendy Business Casual

How To Do Trendy Business Casual

With companies now converting from the old patriarchal way of the office, and going more into a relaxed atmosphere, business casual is all the rage in many professional circles. But putting together business casual can be confusing, but once you do it right, it can turn into some of your best outfits. There are just a few simple steps toward getting the look you want without breaking the bank,and looking your best everyday in the office.

Business casual is usually a little different for men than it is for women. For men, going from full business to business casual can really make the difference between comfort and style. When you’re wearing full business attire, it’s usually a full suit , which can get hot and uncomfortable quick. But business casual gives you  more room for comfort and style. Instead of wearing a full business suits, business casual usually has a nice plain shirt or dress shirt pair with a blazer or sports jacket with nice slacks and shoes. If you’re looking for the perfect business casual wear, the best place to shop is Eddie Bauer.

For women, it’s a little more difficult to tell the difference between full business and business casual, but you’ll definitely want to loose the blazer, heels, and hose for every single outfit. Instead, you’ll want to pair these items with more comfortable and casual clothing, like sweaters and slip on shoes, for a more casual approach to your outfit.

Business casual not only look great on everyone in the office, but it also can translate much smoother into other social environments. You can sport business casual wear just about anywhere, and look great while doing it. Business casual is also great for dates and social engagements,  and it really saves you money on your wardrobe. When you don’t have to buy separate clothes for social engagements and work, you save money and look great all the time.