Monday 22 July 2024



Marketing earlier was confined to broadcast on television and radio, printing about the product and advertising through billboard banners, newspapers and magazine or word of mouth. Internet and web development apart from reforming the way we educate ourselves, the way we connect and much more has had a massive influence in the manner with which brands promote their products. The three decades of digital marketing saw the introduction of the telephone as a mode to boost sales which further impacted the marketing arena. The personal computers revolutionized marketing. From email being the only source to the advent of search engines.

The landscape of marketing is evolving rapidly with more and more trends cropping up to attract, convert, close and delight the consumer. But certain classic techniques can never be replaced and have been a significant player in the marketing scenario since decades. Take PPC or Pay-per-click, for instance. Being a part of digital marketing strategy since its PPC was introduced in 1990’s by the founder of Idealab but was made relevant by Google Adwords in early 2000.

PPC, also known as paid search advertising is an integral part of Search Engine Marketing. Marketers make use of PPC by paying agencies like Google AdWords to get more and more clicks on their website and enhance the visibility of their product. The advertiser pays only when an action is performed, i.e., when their links are clicked. PPC is a versatile, cost-effective method, witch which a marketer reaches the targeted audience much faster. PPC is an essential online business tool and is a prominent determinant of the overall digital marketing health of the product.

Considering PPC is becoming a fundamental tool for brand recognition and consistent flow of leads amongst businesses, pondering over the deciding factors in hiring the right PPC Management agency should never be overlooked. An appropriate PPC Management agency can influence your page ranking considerably in a matter of time. Keep in mind the following elements when deciding on an agency:

Research through every possible platform about the agency. Keeping your requirements in mind; filter and make a list of the potential service providers. Check for how long they have been in the business, how much they charge for the service, the range of services, testimonials of organizations they have worked for. Check for online reviews and retained clients.

Always choose a certified PPC Management agency. You would need the agency to work on expanding your service brand consistently with time. Hence it should be a credible one. Make sure they are certified by the organization of which they utilize the components to advertise your name like company utilizing Google Adwords service must be certified by Google.

Do your homework regarding PPC and at the time of the meeting, raise intelligent questions to test the ability of the agency. Ask about their keyword strategy, campaign approach. Ask whether or not they use standard industry tools in the process. Observe their team structure and culture and select the one which you feel would be compatible with the work culture of your organization.

Choosing an under-qualified PPC agency could cost your business gravely with a faint possibility of resurrection. Always keep the factor mentioned above in mind while you are on a look-out for the suitable PPC Management Agency.