Monday 20 May 2024

How to Find and Add More Tech Credentials to Your Resume

In this digital world that we find ourselves, having knowledge about tech can make a big difference in how potential recruiters see us. When we have a long list of tech certifications, it portrays as we are highly skilled in many areas of technology. To help pad your resume and make you look good to potential recruiters in the tech industry, here are some tips for finding and adding tech certifications to your resume.


One of the first fields that you should really consider getting certification in is cybersecurity. There are many different types of security certifications you can get, however, each one shows a potential recruiter that you’re concerned with digital security. Security+ practice tests are a great place to start as these tests share some basic security practices that are essential to keeping workplace software and devices safe from intruders. They will give you a leg up on your competition as you can show your knowledge in computer security.

Coding Courses

Coding is a career field that is in high demand in the tech industry. By adding coding certifications to your resume, you can make yourself an extremely valuable employee. When you take these courses, you’ll become more familiar with coding for CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, GitHub, and many other platforms. The more variety of knowledge you have in this field, the better off you’re going to be in getting hired quicker. Most of these coding certifications can be accomplished in a few simple days with a strict learning environment.

A+ Certification

If you plan on working in the tech field, you need to have this basic level of certification. This shows your competency for a wide variety of issues that can happen. These range from issues like operating systems to networking. When you complete this course, you’ll be well prepared to troubleshoot issues and solve tech problems on your own. This makes you very valuable as an employee since you won’t need to wait for IT support to handle your issues.

Adding tech credentials to your resume is fairly simple to do. There are many out there to choose from ranging from beginner level certifications to advanced level users. If you’re new to the tech industry, it’s a great idea to start with the beginner level course to get a feel for the different tech areas. Before undergoing any sort of certification, be sure to look at the bigger picture of whether or not that certification will be one that is widely needed by employers in the tech field or one that is more specific to an individual job description.