Friday 01 March 2024

How To Find The Best Jobs In Newcastle Upon Tyne

How To Find The Best Jobs In Newcastle Upon Tyne

Finding the best jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne involves using a variety of techniques at the same time. These include tapping into personal and social media networks, checking out employment agencies and conducting directed internet searches.

Job hunting in the north east can be challenging, but by applying a few useful tips and ideas you can find plenty of great jobs to apply for.

The best results depend on what a ‘good job’ looks like to you. So make sure you have considered things like salary, conditions, location, responsibilities and promotion opportunities before job hunting.

Exploit Your Personal Networks

Some of the best job vacancies in Newcastle upon Tyne can be found through people you know, so the more people you make aware of your job search the better.

Don’t limit yourself to telling just family and close friends – although that is a good start. Talk to neighbors, former colleagues, university or college friends and people you meet at the gym or on a night out. Soon there will be hundreds of people in your extended network acting as your eyes and ears.

Harness Social Media

While it is all right to mention your job plans on a Facebook update, the real benefits of social media are found elsewhere. Use the search option in both general and job-related groups to find out about any openings in the field you are looking for. Or search hashtags on Twitter for the same kind of thing.

LinkedIn is probably the most useful social media platform when job hunting, due to both the connections forged and the credibility a profile with validated skills brings.

Pick the Brains of the Internet

Smart online searching can produce some good results. Local newspapers and magazines can often be read online, although not all may have the full classified section available, as can local sites like Gumtree.

Many companies and organisations advertise first (or exclusively) on their own websites, so remember to bookmark any sites that interest you so you can check back regularly.

Lastly, search engines can be really useful tools if you use keywords properly. Googling ‘jobs in Newcastle upon Tyne’ will net you hundreds of thousands of results, but you may struggle to find the useful piece of information buried amongst them all. Instead, try using specific terms such as ‘retail jobs’ (followed by the location). Don’t worry about stringing random words together, such as ‘graduate jobs retail’ (location). It doesn’t have to be grammatically perfect.

The final thing the internet is great for is tracking down specialist websites which compile notices on jobs in one field. These are particularly popular in the field of hospital work, the building trade, childcare and hospitality/hotels.

Use Agencies

These days many employment agencies are hired to recruit full-time permanent staff as well as temporary workers, so don’t be afraid to look at their websites to see what they offer.

There are also recruitment companies around that specialise in one profession, sector or trade. If your line of work is represented, your chances of finding a great job are even higher.

Finding the best jobs around takes some effort and persistence, but this multi-option proactive approach greatly increases your chances of sourcing the best jobs around. Just remember, if at first you knock and the door does not open then continue knocking, it will open soon!