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How To Identify The Source Of A Roof Leak

How To Identify The Source Of A Roof Leak

A leaking roof is such a bother. This is because it is such a difficult task to find the specific location of the leak. It is wrong to assume that the place where the water drips are coming from is the source of the leaks. In most cases, the hardware, construction, insulation and other factors divert a leak from its original position.

Roof repairs can be expensive especially if it becomes challenging to get to the source of the leak. Unfortunately, if it becomes impossible to find the leak source, mildew and mold starts to grow as a result of the water damages. If the leakage persists, the water can damage the roof and walls and in the end, you would need to replace the walls and roofs. To prevent roof leakage from becoming a menace that will cost a lot to fix, follow the following tips to discover the leak more quickly.

First, examine the highest points in the House

Use a flashlight to check any issues in rooms directly above the leak or the attic.

Take advantage of the light

Create a dark room by switching off all interior light. Observe the walls and roofs for light shining from outside. Any light is an indication of a leak. Observe safety after switching off the light so that you do not fall.

Look for reflections

If you don’t get anything after switching off the light, turn on the light then use your flashlight to look for reflections. Water leaks reflects so be keen on any reflections. Follow any reflections and they will lead you to the source of the leak. Be keen as metal and glue also reflects just like water.

Intrusive objects indicate damages

Things that are out of place such as crooked nails, cracked vents or broken vents are sometimes the source of water leak. Check the walls and roof for such issues.

It’s time to listen

Some roof problems are so concealed that they are impossible to spot. Listen to find out if you will hear dripping or flowing noises. As you listen, make sure there is pin drop silence. Tag someone along as you listen just to make sure that you will not miss the noise.

Examine the gutters and pipes

If you do not find the source of the leak in the interior by listening an observing, then it is likely that the source is on the exterior. First check the gutters to make sure that they are clean and well connected. Pour some water in the gutters then observe to see if it will leak.  As for the pipes, a leakage can occur during wet or dry seasons. If it happens during dry seasons, then you need to fix the piping. Repair the issue by shutting off the water first.

Contact the leak expert

If you do not identify the leak even after following the other tips, it may be time to contact a professional.  It is important for you to find a quick solution for the leaking roof. The longer you take before repairing the leak, the more costly it becomes as the damage escalates with time. A handyman or roofers have the necessary expertise and experience to help them to provide fast and efficient solution.

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