Monday 20 May 2024

How To Improve Your Websites Conversion Rate

If you are seeing increases in the amount of traffic coming to your website, but you are not noticing an increase in conversions as a result, then you need to address this by making a few changes to increase your conversion rate. This can take some time to get right, but when you do, you will certainly reap the benefits. With such a competitive online space, you need to make sure you are encouraging people to choose your business over others, which we are here to show you how to do! 


Do User Experience Testing

The first thing you can do to find out how to improve your conversion rate is to do user experience testing. This process involves people in your target demographic conducting tests on the website based on things that you are hoping to improve. This could be things like “how would you describe your experience”, “do you understand the content on the page quickly and clearly”, “did anything on the page cause you frustration”, “did you know what you should be looking for on a page” or “how easy was it to process the information?”. 

You can of course tailor the questions to what you want to find out, but keep some more generic ones in there to allow people to give their own opinions and they might highlight something you had never thought of. People who are paid to do user experience questionnaires see so many websites, so will be well positioned to offer advice on how yours can be improved. Sometimes when you and your employees look at your website so often, it is hard to make impartial observations about what can be improved. So, go external and your eyes might be opened to new possibilities that can significantly improve your websites conversion rate. 


Incorporate Consistent Branding Throughout

The next thing you can do is incorporate consistent branding throughout your website. Consistency across your website, as well as across all of your platforms (social media, email marketing etc), will help people to trust the brand more, encourage them to spend more time on the website and make the website easily recognisable. This isn’t just your visual branding, but also your tone of voice. 

Getting your branding right is an essential part of business, so you need to get it right. Work with a design agency Liverpool based for some of the best talent in the country, who will help you to bring your brand to life across all different platforms. This is one of the main things that is worth really investing in, as it can be make or break for your business.  


Include Call To Action Statements On All Pages

A very simple thing you can do to improve your websites conversion rate is to include call to action statements on all of your main pages, along with links to the relevant page. This could be things like “Shop Now”, “Book A Free Consultation”, “Contact Us”, etc. 

Call to action statements towards the top of pages are so important, as it helps users to understand more about what they should be looking to do on a page, and when these statements are near the top of the page, they will be stuck in the users head as they explore the page. This could be in the form of a button, or even just an internal link in a bright colour (staying on brand of course), that really stands out and helps to assist the user in their experience.