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How To Kill Fat With The Cryolipolysis and Cool Sculpting Technology?

Cryolipolysis and Cool Sculpting technology

Stubborn fat is a persistent problem for most people in the world. Everyone wishes to get rid of this fat and get a toned body. While body fat is considered the most difficult thing to manage; facial fat, muffin top and double chin, are problems that are equally serious to deal with.

Aestheticians used facial massages initially to stimulate these areas and then they used other tightening products to help reduce the facial fat. Even laser and injected products are used to manage this fat. However, these have some or the other problems in contouring the skin and in reducing the body fat. Recently, a new technology called the cool sculpting technology is being used by the professionals to manage body and facial fat.

How To Kill Fat With The Cryolipolysis and Cool Sculpting Technology?

What is Coo Sculpting Technology?

Cool Sculpting is a technology that uses a machine to target the fatty areas and the fat cells and cools down the temperature of the fat cells to such an extent that the fat cells die naturally. Since fat cells or any lipid cells crystalize faster than any of the other natural body cells, the nerves and other body tissues remain unharmed. The lipid cells are naturally shrunk and the metabolism of the body naturally removes them from the system.

History of the Technology:

The Cool Sculpting technology is based on the Cryolipolysis scientific principle. It says that the fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperature than the surrounding tissue and the skin. Dieter Manstein and R Rox Anderson are two Harvard scientists, who observed that eating popsicles caused dimples in the cheeks of many children. This observation gave rise to the idea that fat cell can be shrunken without damaging the skin. Thus, cryolipolysis in London became a much preferred treatment method.

Steps of the Treatment:

The treatment takes place in two steps and once you are cleared for the treatment, the treatment starts.

  1. The person lies down by resting the head on a pillow, in a comfortable position.
  2. The professional marks the area that is to be Cool Sculpted. A plastic like barrier is wrapped round the skin.
  3. The cryolipolysis treatment machine is applied on the skin and controlled cooling is applied on the stubborn fat area.
  4. You might feel extreme cold that will soon subside. Sometimes, individuals experience a deep pulling, tugging, numbing and pinching sensation. This discomfort disappears soon.
  5. After an hour or two, the suction is turned off and removed.
  6. The fat cells will turn into a bog solid lump.
  7. The aesthetician will massage to break down the fat lump and help in shrinking the fat.
  8. After a month, the patient has to reappear for the second sitting or treatment.

Results can be seen within 3 weeks, but the most dramatic change can be seen after two months. Usual side effects like redness, numbness, firmness, bruise, swell and a tingling sensation can be experienced almost immediately. But it subsides almost as soon as the machine is turned off.

Are you an Ideal Candidate?

The Cool Sculpting treatment must not be mistaken with a weight loss treatment. It actually works on those areas, where diet and exercise cannot reach to reduce fat. It is area specific and meant for stubborn fat. Irrespective of the ethnicity, skin type and gender, anyone can go for this treatment.


  • You must not take ibuprofen during and after a few weeks of the treatment. Ibuprofen restricts the body’s capacity to reduce fat.
  • Subcutaneous fat is reduced best in this treatment and visceral fat is not reduced well.
  • It cannot work on cuts and sores.

Benefits of Cool Sculpting treatment:

There are many benefits of cryolipolysis treatment. These are –

  1. Long term:

The long term benefits are –

  • No scar or damage of nerve and tissue.
  • Results are similar with liposuction, minus the need of surgery or anaesthesia.
  • Fat gets dissolved in the specific areas, after this treatment and the areas will look contoured.
  • If you gain weight, it will be uniform and throughout the body, not just area specific or limited to the treated areas.

Apart from these, there are short term benefits as well.

  1. Short term:

The short term benefits are –

  • You can get back to normal life immediately.

The ‘hickey’ appearance and the redness will disappear shortly. The solid fat can be broken down by massage.