Monday 22 July 2024

How to Maintain & Create SAP Roles

A number of functional consultants encounter problems in comprehending the importance of roles and authorizations in SAP. Here will be discussed things that will be helpful for people who are keen to learn what the idea behind it is accurate and the way it functions.

Functional Consultants harbor a number of queries in mind concerning this notion and one amid the prime queries here are why Financial Consultants need to be concerned about roles plus authorization because it can be said to be a job assigned to Basis team.

Surely to reply this query, it cannot be taken to be the job of Basis team only but it happens to be as well akin to other activities, it forms an incorporated activity that must be carried out by those Basis team together with the Functional team.

Basis team is aware of user management, authorization assignments, profile and roles assignment, profile creation, roles creation, etc. However, chief worry in the majority of the cases crop up at the time the below stated queries are not replied by Basis team:

1-Whom to allow the transactions or roles

2-What must be limited within a transaction & for whom

There are a lot more such queries that cannot be replied by Basis team. Therefore, it tends to be the role of functional consultants to lead them to the accurate organizational chart and process flow.

Explained more

It can be explained by citing a small example here, assume you have got a maintenance team as given below:

Supervisor – He is discharging the duty of corrective maintenance requirements and informing about the breakdown

Maintenance in-charge – He can be said to be the person meant for allocating the above- mentioned tasks to engineers

Head of any department – He is discharging the duty of approving the maintenance tasks

Well, functional consultant knows very well that supervisor will need merely the transaction pertaining to notifications. Maintenance in-charge will need a few notifications pertaining to transactions. Whereas the head of the department will need notifications plus order notifications, in addition to it he needs special permission such as technical completions, releasing orders, approving permits etc.

Roles & authorization idea

Roles & authorization permit the user to have access to the SAP standards together with custom transactions within a safe manner. SAP offers some set of common standard roles for various modules plus various situations. There are fundamentally two roles as Master roles & Derived roles.

The components of Role

Transactional codes – These are custom or standard SAP transaction codes

Profile- SAP Profile can be said to be the objects that really store the authorization roles and data happen to be the container which encloses the profile authorization information

Authorization objects – Objects that explain the connection amid various fields as well as assists in allowing or limiting the values of that particular field such as – Authorisation object I _ VORG_ ORD : PM: enterprise operation for orders, encloses connection amid fields: AUFART= Order kind & BETRVORG Business transaction