Wednesday 19 June 2024

How To Make Sure That Our Hardwood Floor Will Last Longer

It is important to refinish our worn hardwood flooring, so we can recapture its original beauty. Houses with shabby hardwood flooring will have much lesser values. The easiest improvement we can make is to properly refinish the floor. We can begin making any required repairs and remove all the furniture, so this could be a rather time-consuming task. It is also important to avoid spreading dust throughout the house. Edging machine and drum sander should be the easiest way to sand floors. These tools can be used sand the corners and sides of the room, not just the wider areas. Because we use these tools rarely, we should find out whether we can rent or borrow them. At the same time, we may also need to acquire floor polishers. With the sanding equipment, we should make three passes, each with increasingly finer type of sandpaper.

It is a good idea to vacuum carefully, so we can pick up every bit of grit and fine dust. After the surface is properly cleaned, we can apply the proper type of sealer, such as water-based urethane or polyurethane. This will give our hardwood flooring the proper protective barrier. Good quality wax and oil should also penetrate the wood and provide protection from within. However, we should read all the accompanying information used by each product. It is important to follow safety advices and apply proper coat of sealers. There are also some protective measures to help us preserve the beauty of our hardwood. We can use mats and rugs in high traffic areas, especially sites with frequent spilling such as in front of refrigerator, sink and stove. However, we need to remove rugs often, so the colors won’t get blemished.

It is also a good idea to choose cotton mats that don’t trap moisture or water, just like vinyl or rubber mats. It is advisable to remove our shoes when walking inside a house with hardwood floors. Stiletto heels can cause plenty of marks. Pets should have their nails trimmed to avoid causing scratches. Any spill should be cleaned up immediately with dry cloth or paper towel. Any sticky spill can be solved with damp cloth. Instead of dragging furniture, we should life it. When moving it, we should try to prevent gouges and scratches. Direct sun rays can be damaged to hardwood flooring, so we should use blinds and sheers to cover our floors. Our hardwood floors should be able to retain its beauty, with proper maintenance and care. Hardwood flooring could also be used to enhance any decor we choose.

However, our floors can become worn and we should try to repair it, so it can be restored to its former glory, preferably with little money, effort and time. We should check online resources for good quality products. We need to compare prices, read instructions on how to use the products and place our orders. It is important to make sure that we could purchase all our hardwood flooring needs.