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How To Obtain Document Attestation For UAE?

How To Obtain Document Attestation For UAE?

United Arab Emirates has good job opportunities but when you are shifting there from any other country after getting a job, then one of the most important works that need to be done immediately is that of document attestation. All your educational and personal documents should have the UAE Embassy attestation.  You would not be able to proceed with your visa without such attestation. This task is a bit consuming so it is advisable to enquire about this from the very beginning.

The UAE Embassy will only be attesting your document only if they have prior attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs, India. For this, you will have to start from an early time.

Steps To Get Your Certificates Attested

Here are a few steps that need to be followed for certificate attestation:

  1. You have to submit either your own documents or documents of your blood relatives. In the second case, you also need to submit a document that proves your relation.
  2. If you are an employee, then you need to submit all the commercial documents through the company only.
  3. All the educational documents need to be attested by the ministry of the state or the Home Department of the State where you belong.
  4. All documents are needed to be signed by the Ministry of External Affairs, India. You will have to pay some nominal charges for this purpose. After that, you will have to get them attested by the Consular section.
  5. Other certificates such as affidavits, birth, experience, marriage needs only attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs of India. Although these certificates would not need attestation from

Thus, the entire process is not as complicated as it seems to be. You just need to get all your certificates arranged properly and applied within the stipulated period. Since this is rather the licence for you to stay in another country, you should get this done without any delay. Certificates Attestation  is a proof that all your documents have been verified by the concerned authority and people would not find any reason to distrust you.

Take Help Of Agencies For Making Your Work Easier

But in case you are not being able to do it by yourself, you can take consult many agencies and companies who shall help you in this regard. These agencies are available in all over India and the customers who have availed their service are very much pleased and satisfied with the quality of work they received. However, in the regard it should be mentioned that you should inquire from the very beginning whether these companies are authorized by the government.  Once you are assured about it, you will have to take an appointment and go there at the mentioned time and submit your documents. All other formalities will be done by the agency only. These agencies have experienced personalities who have been handling such cases of attestation for many years. You would not face any problem regarding this at all.

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