Friday 19 July 2024

How To Pack A Hospital Bag For Your Baby

How To Pack A Hospital Bag For Your Baby

Whether you plan for a hospital birth or not, it is better to pack a bag for the hospital and keep it ready by the time you are into the 36th week of pregnancy. You may have to go to the hospital in an emergency and time will be too short to pack your bag. Different hospitals have different guidelines on what is to be allowed in your baby bag. So, you must plan for a tactical baby bag.

Birth Plan

You must have a short and sweet plan in order. Also, think of asking some key questions that will help you convey your wishes clearly. You may want to go for a natural birth but be prepared for other options too.

Extra undergarments and pads that are extra absorbent

These will be essentially needed after delivery. It may be better to even pack witch hazel pads that relieve pain from tearing. Lidocaine spray too can be added.

IPod music player

Playing your favorite song can change your mood. Having a playlist of the songs close to your heart can be very helpful. Carry your iPod or mp3 player with you.

Plan for Photos

This is a must addition. You can pack your camera with a set of fresh batteries along with your smartphone and charger too. Take enough photos to capture the entire range of emotions of your baby.

Nursing bra

A wide choice of nursing bras and accessories like feeding pillow, breast pumps etc. are available. Choose the right bra and other accessories to help you in postpartum care.

Warming Socks

After delivery of the baby, you will need to keep your feet warm as your legs are bound to get very cold. Also, the floors of hospitals are usually quite cold. So, be prepared in advance.


You must pack your eyeglasses too if you wear them. You may be using contact lenses but during your stay at the hospital, it is better to wear eyeglasses.

Bathrobe and night gown

Gowns and socks are provided by hospitals but many people prefer to wear their personal gowns and socks. If you prefer the same then carry a couple of gowns that are loose in your tactical baby bag. Carry the gowns that are comfortable and also you don’t mind if they get dirty, because chances are they will. It should have short sleeves or no sleeves as it will make easier to check blood pressure. The robe and a pair of slippers are needed if you are required to walk around before labor.

Back pain remedy

It is possible that you may have moderate to severe back ache during labor. Carry a tube sock and 3 tennis ball. Stuff these balls into the sock and tie the end. You can ask your caretaker to rub your back with this or you may place on your back and lean against the wall to get relief.

Toiletries and creams

Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lip balm and moisturizer as the hospitals are dry. Carry the smaller or travel versions preferably.

Once your tactical baby bag is packed, it is better to leave it near the front door ready to be picked up and even better to have it placed in the car. This precaution is to ensure that you don’t forget to carry the bag to the hospital even if you have to go to the hospital in a big hurry.