Monday 15 April 2024

How To Plan and Develop PPC Campaign For Your Business

Now people have been using the internet for over two decades. We’ve all seen how things showed up on search engines. We know where organic searches are found, and we’ve all seen the “sponsored links” featured at the top of the page when we use a search engine to find a particular product, service, or information online.

Regardless of the usefulness of content or the quality of website design, these priority links are sponsored by the search engine and are highlighted or emboldened to catch our attention. As search engines charge certain fees for their placement, these links appear as a form of advertising. In search engine marketing, they are known as PPC (or pay per click) ads.

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The PPC Manager

The person managing your paid ad campaigns is known as PPC manager. He would use latest tools to gauge his own performance, as well as the performance of the website, in order to come up with better results.

A PPC manager is responsible to perform following tasks:

  • He is responsible to optimize your ad campaign
  • He is responsible to conduct an in-depth research on the most relevant and appropriate keywords according to your business and industry.
  • He is responsible for making your ad campaign competitive.

Cost of Search Terms

Search terms used by online customers have certain value and price. The more popular the search term is, the more costly it will be. On the other hand, less common phrases are cheaper.

The value of search terms is based on how much people use them or how close they are with the probable terms used by the customers when they search a particular product or service on the internet. However, it’s not possible to determine whether he chosen search term will be the best for the website.

This leads to the question: Is PPC management to be used as a sub for SEO?

PPC Management and the Website Quality

Although this seems to be a common misconception and a practice that many types of website focus on, a PPC management campaign should be used to bolster or add an extra dimension to your SEO techniques. Though a PPC ad campaign may help to pull traffic in, it won’t keep users on your website if the site itself is of poor quality, thus, SEO is still essential alongside a PPC campaign.

How To Plan and Develop PPC Campaign For Your BusinessSetting up a PPC Management Campaign

Setting up your campaign is simple enough, and you can choose the budget you want to spend. So if you are uncertain about PPC as a method, it is possible to try it out without spending a fortune. This is probably a worthwhile exercise for any business, at least, to demonstrate some of the possible benefits, which we’ll go over now quickly.

Benefits of PPC Management

  • The most obvious benefit of a PPC campaign is that it can have a massive effect on incoming traffic to your website, and with relatively little work on your side.
  • It also shortcuts your efforts to attain first-page placement by putting your site center stage on the first page of Google.

Factors Affecting PPC Management Campaign

When it comes to managing your campaign, there are a variety of factors that your PPC manager can look at to produce better or more cost effective results.

  • Which keywords are performing best with your audience? Which ads lead to the actual sales?
  • Which ads are wasteful or too expensive for the investment they cost?

These are all questions your PPC manager will analyze and edit to tune your campaign.