Tuesday 23 April 2024

How To Play The Pokémon GO and Stay Alive

Walking in the street without taking your eyes off a smartphone screen is very dangerous. However, the list of problems that you may face while playing Pokémon GO, does not end here. In this article, we will talk about the basic safety rules that are to be observed when catching pokémons. In addition, if you do not have a modern device to catch pokémons with, you may want to check out some cheap iPhone or an Android device.

How to play the Pokémon GO and stay alive

After the launch of Pokémon GO, city streets were filled with crowds of people passionate about this game. Some of the players got in various unpleasant situations, which the media began to write about immediately. You have probably already heard these horror stories about the robberies, injuries, accidents etc.

However, if you follow a few simple rules, you can play Pokémon GO without any problems. The main thing is not to get too immersed in virtual worlds, and not to forget about common sense.

Note that others do not care about your game:

Sometimes Pokémon GO players can behave provocatively. From their point of view, they are just having fun without disturbing anyone. However, do not forget about the fact that most people might not be aware of all the modern virtual hobbies. From their point of view, you are a strange suspicious subject who is hovering in front of their home, office or a table at a cafe.

When walking – I look around, When standing – I play:

Perhaps you will argue, but people are not suited for multitasking. This truth is proved by lots of bumps and bruises on the people that looked into their phone “for a moment” and walked into a pillar, a fence etc. Do not check this fact yourself, even if you can check the most valuable Pokémon.

Keep an eye on your things:

Pokemon spots are often located in crowded public places where it is easy to become a victim of thieves. A crowd of people that is not noticing anything around it, except for some virtual strange little animals, is the dream of every pickpocket. Of course, no one will steal your smartphone but what about your wallet or a say backpack? A bag, carelessly thrown on a bench, a wallet poking out of your back pocket, a bicycle left unattended – you can lose it all very easily.

Get ready for physical exercising:

If you are not into sports, get prepared for the fact that the sharp increase in physical activity can not only be useful but also harmful. Make sure to wear some athletic shoes. Put on a cap to protect your head from the sun. Take along some water and snacks in the form of energy bars or something similar.

Do not let the game control you:

One of the important components of the Pokémon GO gameplay is visiting special points (pokemonspots), where a player can gain valuable game bonuses. Sometimes these points are located in remote, inaccessible areas or even in criminal ones. Do not let the game take you to the areas, which you would never go to if it were not for Pokémon GO especially if you just bought a brand new Samsung smartphone or an iPhone 6s unless, of course, you want it to be stolen.