Tuesday 27 February 2024

How To Prepare For Your Campus Placements

Campus Placement is the program conducted within educational institutes or in a common place to provide jobs to students pursuing or in the stage of completing the Courses. This is the madness season for the placement concerns levitating into their mind. Here are the top colleges according to their placements

* Perfecting your resume

Resume is a window to desribe youself briefly. Keep that in mind recruiters are not interested in your biography. To correct this mistake focus on your academic achievement and your extra-curricular activities. Try to keep your resume pages between 1 to 3 pages.

*Properly dressed and Body language

According to the changes of time it is recommended to wear a formal dress to give you decent look but there is no need to wear any suits with tie. One most important point is your body language is the plus points for you.

How To Prepare For Your Campus Placements

*Show interests and mutual commitment

Research the interviewer and organisation will helps you to know about the interviewer and the company before appearing for a job interview as it helps in figuring out some of the expected questions that can be asked during the interview.

During the interview, show your interest in the job that you are going to be assigned if you get selected. It should be reflected on the interviewer that your job priorities are not going to change very soon. Don’t go for temporary plans, otherwise many resources exploited by the organization during job interview are wasted, and also the candidate loses your goodwill.

“Important questions for Engineering interview

*Know your Weakness

Interviewers generally ask about your strengths and weaknesses at the interview.It is not the right place to mention your long lists of weaknesses. Many candidates get confused what to do at this moment. Try to mention few weaknesses that seem to be plus points for the job and the organization.

It’s not so difficult after all. Be confident, be yourself and ensure that you know what you say. Take time and answer questions. No one expects an answer the next second its asked to you. Think and then take the conversation ahead. More than anything else your communication counts and hence if you’re weak there you need to invest time and efforts there.