Tuesday 28 May 2024

How To Protect Yourself from Danger In Driving Scenario

Brake Repair Raleigh

Today, class, the subject is “common sense” and how that would apply to the brakes on your vehicle. Ergo, here is the question. If you were asked by a professional mechanic, what the single most important safety feature of your car is, what would be your reply? No, it’s not your new stereo you paid big bucks for last week or your tinted windows, it’s your brakes! And for most of you readers of this article, your brakes are, for the most part, the Rodney Dangerfield of your vehicle – no respect! Yet, it is the one part of your car you let slip even when you hear that screeching sound. That said, perhaps it’s time for a fresh primer.

When Is It Time To Visit Brake Repair Raleigh?

Here are 7 warning signals it’s time to get your brakes professionally checked:

* You can feel your vehicle pulling to the right or left when you apply the brakes.

* Loss of grip when applying the brakes.

* A soft, sloppy or low feeling when using the brakes.

* If driving a newer vehicle, your brakes system warning light flashes.

* A certain amount of “shuddering” in the steering wheel when braking.

* You begin to hear screeching and other noises when braking.

* It takes longer to stop your vehicle than normal.

What Are Some Common Problems With Brakes?

This one word will pretty much cover most of the headaches with brakes: “WEAR”. Look, folks, the braking system on all vehicles does plenty of work each time your start your car and begin to drive. And brake pads take most of the arrows and punishment. That is why the professional brake specialists like brake repair Raleigh would like you to consider contacting them via a phone number or email address that can easily be stashed in your front dash compartment. Actually, it is a good idea to have the brake pads on your vehicle inspected every six months. One way to remember to have that inspection is most pads have a thin metal tab that will vibrate against the rotor when the pads wear down to a dangerous level.. And yes, the “squeaking noise” will get your attention. Also, warped rotors that will overheat or the incorrect tightening of the wheel can be another dangerous and annoying way to tell you it’s time to give your brakes some respect.

Here Is A Tip On Some Preventive Maintenance From Brake Repair Raleigh!

* With a little effort on your part you can keep you wheels and braking system clean. You don’t need to have a college education to understand that clean brakes work a lot better as well as keeping the temperature down. Using just a good, affordable wheel cleaner you know is safe will do the job.

* Some drivers you see in front of you on the freeway and other roads seem to always be, what is called “riding” their brakes. Yes, it can be annoying to other drivers behind that vehicle, but the fact is, it’s far better to simply slow down using moderate pressure and then release the brake to cool. Riding brakes will overheat them.

* On freeway and other steep grades it is better to downshift and save your brakes (think respect). This downshifting can be a good thing only when traction conditions are good, but downshifting in ice, snow, or even a hard rain or drizzle into a lower gear may cause a serious skid. So, the final memo under these conditions is to remember that downshifting will let your engine do some of the braking instead of you using brakes.