Monday 15 April 2024

How to Renew FSSAI License?

How to Renew FSSAI License?

Do you have a driving license? If yes, then you must be knowing that you would have to renew your driving license after a particular interval of time. Same like your driving license, the Food Business Organizations have to get the registration of FSSAI renews after a specific interval of time.

If you belong to FBO’s and have FSSAI certificate and want to know about its renewal process and after what time we need to renew it, then do follow this article till the end. As in this article, we are going to discuss everything about the renewal process of the FSSAI certificate.

How to renew FSSAI license?

We will discuss about the renewal process and all, but before that, we will discuss about those who are unable to get their FSSAI application accepted, or they are new to it and are going to apply for FSSAI registration.

The main reason because of which people face problem in getting FSSAI certificate is because of lack of knowledge about the required documents. So let us first have a look at the documents you should have while applying for FSSAI certificate for various level.

  • Documents required for central license-
  • Form B fully completed and signed by the applicant.
  • A complete Plan on which the whole processing unit is shown with the total area usage.
  • List of all the director or your partners with their complete address, contact details and photo ID proof.
  • You should also provide a list in which there is complete info about equipment and machinery used at your processing unit.
  • List of the food items with the category that are manufactured by your factory or processing unit.
  • A letter in which there’s a nominee or responsible person with its address proof by the manufacturer.
  • Complete report of water that you would be using during the manufacturing process.
  • A recall plan
  • Sources of raw material that are used in the production.
  • IE code document issued by DGFT.
  • NOC/PA document issued by FSSAI.
  • Form lX
  • Certificate from Ministry of tourism
  • Proof of possession of premises
  • Partnership deed
  • NOC and copy of the license from the manufacturer
  • Food safety management plan
  • NOC from local body
  • Documents for proof of turnover and transportation
  • Declaration form
  • Documents required for State license-
  • Form B fully completed and signed by the manufacturer.
  • Plan of a processing unit with complete area-wise usage.
  • List of directors or partners with address, contact details and photo ID proof.
  • List of equipment used by the processing unit, which also consists of the machinery.
  • List of food items manufactured by the production unit.
  • Letter from the manufacturer regarding a responsible nominee with its address details.
  • Complete report of water usage during the production period.
  • Proof of possession of premises.
  • Partnership deed
  • NOC and copy of the license from the manufacturer.
  • Copy of certificate under the Coop Act 1861/Multi state Coop Act 2002.
  • Food safety management plan.

This was all about the required documents, now let us have a look at the FSSAI license renewal process-

  • The first step is to visit
  • Login with your Username and Password.
  • The next step of having an FSSAI renewal click on apply for renewal for the license.
  • The next step is to click on the following link and click on Proceed.
  • Then you have to click, OK.
  • The next step is documents uploading process.
  • That last step is to click on Submit.
  • After that, you would be able to get a reference number of tracking your application.

This was the whole step from FSSAI renewal, but here are some essential things that you should note and keep in mind before renewing your Food License Registration.

  • FSSAI license renewal should be done before time as if you haven’t renewed it on time; then you would have to fill penalties for it.
  • The FSSAI renewal should be done 120 days before the expiry date of your FSSAI license.
  • In case you forget to renew your license before the expiry date, then you would be charged Rs- 100 per day from the expiry date.
  • The validity of your FSSAI license entirely depends upon you as it starts from the validity of 1 year up to more years. This will depend upon the fee you paid for applying.