Sunday 14 April 2024

How To Solve Signal Reception Problem, Especially When You Are Driving Your Car

If you often pay attention to your smartphone, you may frequently see the signal carrier you use turns out to weaken or suddenly being disconnected. This condition is an extremely disturbing thing, especially if you’re talking about the importance of doing some activities through your mobile phone. Some people prefer to look for their signal operator. But when you find some signal bars, it is not an indicator that you are connected with your signal operator. Another way to determine the signal strength of your smartphone is by looking to the Settings, and then selecting Network (in case you are using Android smartphone). In that Network section you will be shown the signal strength of your smartphone in dBm. For those of you who use iPhone you have to do differently that is by pressing * 3001 # 12345 # on your iPhone’s dial pad. Once you have understood how to measure the signal strength of your smartphone, below are the steps of how to amplify the signal when you get a very weak one.

1. Determining the Areas

Before you communicate with your smartphone, you should determine any area that has a stable signal. You need to turn on the Field Test Mode or to the Settings section in order to view the signal strength of being used operator. You need to mark some areas around your home. This step is needed to do in case you are experiencing signal reception interference in your home. But if you get a trouble when you are driving your car, you must be using what called car cell phone signal booster powered by your car’s electricity system. You can get various choices of cell phone signal booster from MyAmplifiers.

2. Turning on Airplane Mode

By turning on Airplane Mode feature on your smartphone then you can refresh the network service you use. Once turned back to previous mode, your smartphone will automatically look for the nearest transmitter around you. Thus, the signal received will be stronger than before.

3. Open the Window

If you are inside a closed room maybe in the house or inside your car, and you find your signal carrier in a bad position, open the window. This method is a way to open the lines of signal reflections received or sent by your mobile phone so there is nothing blocking their (signals) pathway. You should realize that your car metals can be impenetrable.

4. Check the battery

Checking the battery before doing any activity with your smartphone is very important thing to get rid of your signal reception problem. Most smartphones will perform power saving mode automatically when their battery in a low power.

5. Approaching the Signal Transmitter Tower

You need to download an application called Open Signal on your Android smartphone. The application is very useful especially if you are in remote areas. With this application you can check your surroundings and know how many towers you can use.