Sunday 14 April 2024

How to Start Planning Your Next Home Remodel

How to Start Planning Your Next Home Remodel

The next best thing to buying a new home is remodeling the one you already have. Of course, this is no inexpensive endeavor either, with the cost ranging from nearly $20,000 to over $73,000 depending on the area you live, among many other factors. Still, that’s probably a lot less than you’d pay to move into a brand new place.

If you’ve decided to pull the trigger, use these steps to move forward with those remodeling plans.

Envision What You Want

Before you even commit to doing a remodel, take a walk around the house, going over it thoroughly to determine which areas need the most work and what you want it to look like after the remodel. Take your time with this, keeping notes until you’re sure about the end result you hope to accomplish.

Create a Budget

One of the first steps in planning your next home remodel is to figure out how much you can afford to do. Setting aside a certain amount of money to complete your projects will allow you to properly plan and prioritize which rooms need to be tackled first. Before you begin construction on anything, sit down and add up the cost of supplies and labor – you might need to get quotes from multiple contractors depending on how extensive the remodel is going to be. In a few cases, it might make more sense to buy a new home among the Albany houses for sale or in whichever city you live in. Be sure to compare the costs and benefits of both to determine the best value for your dollar.

Take a Look at the Calendar

If you want to have your remodeling done in time for an event, the holidays, or anything else, consult your calendar and work backward from there. You will need a few weeks of wiggle room to allow for the unexpected that can cause delays, common with any type of home construction.

Pack Up the Areas That Will Be Remodeled

After you’ve decided which part of your house you want to work on first, the best way to prepare for it is to pack up all the unnecessary items. The less clutter you have where you (or the professionals) will be working, the better, and it will prevent potential damage. It will also provide a blank canvas for new decor.

Figure Out What to Do With Construction Waste and Other Trash

A few other things to think about before starting your remodeling project include what you’ll do with the construction waste. No matter what type of work will be done, there’s going to be some kind of trash generated. It might just be wrappings or containers from the tools you use, but if this is a major project like removing the floorboard, you’ll need to have a space for all that old material. Aim to recycle/reuse whatever you can, and for the rest, you may want to contact your local waste disposal company to determine what your options are.


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