Thursday 20 June 2024

How to Upgrade Your Sailboat for the Maximum Ride

If you have recently purchased a sailboat, then it is time to start thinking about some simple ways that you can take your vessel to the next level. With a few key upgrades, you will be able to make your boat safer and more comfortable.

Add an All-Weather Cockpit Enclosure

You are probably going to spend most of your time in the cockpit of the boat, and that is why you might want to invest in an all-weather enclosure. That simple upgrade is going to make your trips much more enjoyable, and most enclosures can be installed in a matter of hours. Canvas enclosures tend to be the most popular option, but many companies make plastic enclosures as well. With the proper maintenance, your new enclosure should last for over a decade.

Install a Motor

Installing a high-quality motor will make your life much easier if you ever run into inclement weather. A motor will also make docking your boat a simple and stress-free process. Volva Penta motors are a particularly good option for marine applications, and one of those engines will provide you with up to 75hp. When you are searching for a new engine for your sailboat, you should find a model that has low exhaust emissions.

Use Snap-In Carpeting

Snap-in carpeting is another great upgrade that will improve your comfort. While you can get custom carpeting for your sailboat, many companies sell basic carpeting kits that have been pre-formed and pre-cut for different vessels. For maximum durability, you should stick to heavy ounce carpeting that is tightly knit. That type of carpet is going to stand up to the elements for years.

Invest in a Portable Generator

Many boat owners are now putting small generators on their vessels in order to power their mobile devices and top off their batteries. On your hunt for a portable generator, you should pay close attention to the power output of each unit. Investing in a larger generator might be tempting, but those devices can require quite a bit of maintenance. A portable or recreational generator is usually the best option for a sailboat.

In addition to these few upgrades, you might also want to purchase an inflatable tender. One of those vessels will make it much easier to service your boat, and you will have an extra layer of protection if something ever goes wrong while you are out on the water.