Sunday 23 June 2024

How to Write an Effective Article Headline

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What do you find to be the most important part of creating content for the web? If you said the actual content than you’re way off. In fact, the headline of your article or blog post is the most important part.

Before you go throwing your arms up; allow this writer to explain. Of course you should have great content, that’s a given. In order for that content ever to be read, it has to be clicked! The headline is the main division between your content being consumed and just sitting out there on the web.

If you’re ready to get down and dirty, write a killer headline and get those clicks, follow these suggestions:

Tip 1: Add emotion

Emotional ties dig deep into the soul of the reader. When you’re able to use a headline which immediately touches the emotions of another, you’re gold. Basic emotions like love, fear, happiness and others will not only tell them immediately what the content is about but if you caught them in those right moments they will undoubtedly click through.

Example: Today I became a dad, tomorrow I will mourn.

Tip 2: Add an alarming fact

Starting out with an alarming fact immediately peaks ones interest with the content. After the content has been created, dig back through to see if you’ve wrote any number or statement which you were actually surprised by – if it shocked you, it’ll shock others.

Example: This one simple writing trick got me over 2,300 clicks!

Tip 3: The ‘lead in’

The lead in headline is exactly that, you lead into your post. When a sentence is unfinished, people’s curiosity takes the better of them until it drives them insane and creates the click.

Example: How-to write killer headlines that…

Tip 4: Give them the WIIFM

WIIFM stands for What’s In It For Me. People read content because they want to satisfy the need to learn or discover something new. Play into this need by telling them what they’re going to get if they do read your content.

Example: Learn 10 ways to improve your life overnight.

Tip 5: Practice, practice, practice

The best way to create headlines is to simply practice. Practice, practice, practice. Even after you believe you finished writing your headline, write another. Send it to a friend to see their reaction; don’t rely on just your own.

Tip 6: Learn from the best

The easiest way to write a great headline is to learn it from the best. It’s arguable to know who’s best at copywriting headlines but a great starting point is Abraham’s 100 Greatest Headlines post. The industry term is called ‘swiping’ – you’re not going to steal, simply use it as a formula and develop your own – try it out!