Saturday 25 May 2024

How Well Furnace Transformers Are Constructed By Manufacturers?

Furnaces, whether used in industrial or residential applications need to have certain type of power source. Furnace transformer manufacturers recommend the use of a transformer to change the voltage when required. Manufacturers of furnace transformers India intend their products in many shapes and sizes particular to their appliances/applications. Regardless of the size and shape of the transformers, their operation and functionality do not changed.

Furnace transformer manufacturers

How these transformers work?

Every transformer is designed with a sole purpose that is to convert high voltage power from a power source to lower voltage power for certain circuit. If the power supply is higher, it would cause the circuit to blow. Furnaces required accurate voltage as per the applications; however, it is lower than the standard 120 volts produced from standard channels. Moreover, it is important that furnace transformers should operate in unique environment that affects their composition.

How manufacturers intend furnace transformers with uniqueness?

Furnace transformers have hot furnaces inside. This close proximity to high temperatures, in industrial applications means that the built and functionality of furnace transformers should be different from casual circuit transformers that are installed in cooler environments. There are furnace transformers designed by manufacturers that are equipped with an automatic cooling mechanism and many have multiple outlets to support loads of distinct sizes.

Due to these special requirements, the manufacturing cost of furnace transformers is more as compared to industrial transformers.

Types of transformers intended by manufacturers

Residential type furnace transformers- In residential applications, these transformers generally work with a maximum load of 120 volts and take it down to around 26.5 volts. These type D transformers should be designed and equipped with 9 inch long colored wires that tell users where to wire the primary and secondary coils.

Industrial Furnace transformers

Manufacturers have three models for industrial furnace transformers. Out of which, wto use AC current and one uses DC current. Industrial transformers are ideal for highly volatile electric environments such as steel or metallurgical industry.

Arc furnace transformer is the intricate model design that uses AC current to melt scrap metal inside of an arc or induction furnace.

Reduction furnace transformer

It uses AC current and works inside of a reduction furnace, which is installed in metal industry. It generally works with ferrous metal alloys like silicon, ferro-silicon, ferro-nickel, and ferr0-chrome.

DC furnace transformer

DC furnace transformer is the most commonly designed furnace transformers that are meant for melting scrap metal like steel. As the model uses DC electricity, it works in a DC arc furnace and in tandem using rectifier.

How to get one furnace transformer?

Contact the nearest furnace transformer manufacturers in your town and share your requirements and avail the desired product.