Thursday 18 April 2024

Incredible Facts about Orchids that Will Amaze and Fascinate You

Orchids are one of the most magnificent flowers. There are many species of orchids that can live up to 100 years. There are more than 25000 species of orchids that have been documented till date.

There are more amazing facts about these species of flowers that are not well known to the world. Except in extreme hot and cold weathers, orchids can grow in any geographical area across the world. They come in different size and colors. Each species of orchids have distinct shape and color scheme.

Fascinating facts about orchids unfolded

  • The largest orchid grows up to a length of 2.5 meters
  • Smallest orchids have been measured to a 2mm length
  • These plants are capable of growing into mammoth clusters weighing a kilo to a ton
  • Each orchid flower is so symmetric that it can be divided into two equal parts
  • Orchids that grow in warm weather have thick leaves, and those that grow in humid weather have thin leaves
  • A few species of orchids have no leaves on them
  • The roots of orchids are in the shape of tubes and roots that grow above the ground
  • They can survive on earth as well as underground
  • Some species of orchids survive on the fungi inside their roots instead of sunlight
  • Few orchid petals have the shape and smell of a bee and use these insects for pollination
  • Flowers of this plant can survive up to 6 months at the max depending on the species
  • They are capable of producing many seeds of which only a few will germinate into a plant
  • These are the seeds that do not need nutrients to germinate
  • These plants are used in various industries, like perfumes, spices, and medicine
  • The most popular vanilla flavour is extracted from one of the species of orchids
  • They are one of the oldest plants that have existed since a 100 million years

Orchids in traditions and cultures

Orchids have always represented love and they are used as a flower decoration in most of the weddings. Many of the species can be grown indoors and need sunlight that is not direct. They don’t need to be watered daily.

You can spray some water onto the roots to keep it alive and healthy. Even ice cubes can be used under the leaves so they melt and let the plant survive for months together. They bloom only for six months.

Once the blooming season is over, you can cut the flower till the part where they first bloomed. This is the most common way to take care of them. A few species of these flowers might look like human faces.


You can buy orchids for sale online from an online florist or horticulturist. For occasions of love and romance, these bouquets make the best choice. They are fragrant flowers that come in the most splendid looking colors.