Monday 26 February 2024

Indispensable Cooking Tips

Indispensable Cooking Tips

When it comes to cooking even the simplest tip it is of great help, especially if we are new in this preparing food, so here you share some tips that will be of much help in the kitchen.

Lemon Drops

Sometimes the line going to prepare only requires a few drops of lemon juice, then this tip is perfect for this, if you do not want to waste a whole lemon to use a few drops you have to do is insert a thin needle through one of the end and through the hole squeezes the necessary drops and lemon can use several times.

For Salads

When preparing a salad, avoid doing in metal containers, especially when mixed, it is preferable to use glass or porcelain, as the metal causes vegetables or legumes rust faster.

Peel Garlic

No longer suffer when peel the garlic, a very simple trick to remove the skin is to put it 15 seconds in the microwave and as if by magic skin will fall immediately.


To all happens to us more than once that we burn the rice, do not worry about the tip problem solved, the one that you have to do is place a piece of bread in the center of the pot and cover for 5 minutes, the bread absorbs burnt flavor and is excellent too if you add salt.


It is common that after peeling fruits like apple or pear, they start to rust, to prevent it, peel them after you put in cold water with lemon juice at least 20 minutes, and retain their natural color until use.


For cooking the vegetables look like commercial, this trick is foolproof, just cook them in a little water and add salt until thoroughly cooked.

Bad Smell

If you are stung garlic or onion aroma permeates the safe in your hands, to completely eliminate the smell before washing rub them vigorously in a stainless steel sink for 35 seconds, after you wash them well and say goodbye to the smell.

Fluffy Omelettes

Omelette famous for remain fluffy and delicious, add milk and a little water to the eggs before beating them with this you managed to improve the taste and remaining spongy.


To return to bread with sauce freshness they have when they are freshly purchased a tip that never fails is to wrap them in a damp towel and put a few seconds in the oven at a low temperature, when the serves you notice that seem newly purchased.

Here are some cooking tips you can implement and that will make the task easier when cooking and they will look like your dishes prepared by an expert chef.