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Industrial Air Coolers In The Oil and Gas Industry

Industrial Air Coolers In The Oil and Gas Industry

Air coolers are used extensively in many industries, especially in oil and gas. Sometimes the medium of cooling can be water, but in the event there is an inadequate supply, air cooling systems can provide the necessary temperature control. Even if there is sufficient water, economical reasons might prompt the use of air cooling, and not only that, the complexity of a water cooling system would require a higher level of maintenance.

Industrial Air Coolers In The Oil and Gas Industry

A range of uses

Air-cooling systems are used in refineries and petrochemical plants, in conditions of high pressure and temperature, and often in very hostile environments. These are just some of the operations where air cooling would be used,

  • Gas re-injection
  • Gas lift
  • Pipeline application
  • Cooling and condensing of hydrocarbon gases
  • Cooling of heavy fluorocarbons
  • Cooling of machinery oil

Industrial air coolers are also used to condense steam at the exhaust end of a steam turbine, for either power generation or mechanical drive applications.

Specialised industry

The supply of air coolers to industry is a specific business, and if a business in Western Australia required expert help,, will provide the ideal solution.

Regular maintenance

These heavy- duty air cooling systems require regular maintenance if they are to work efficiently, and the company that installed the system would also provide a comprehensive service program, to ensure the system performs as it should. The workload is defined by the need to produce around the clock, and this takes its toll on all of the components, and with any stoppage costing money, one must ensure the system is in good working order.

Local expertise

Western Australia has more than its fair share of mining and drilling concessions, which require constant servicing, and there are companies qualified to oversee the installation and maintenance of all types of cooling systems for a range of industries. These are large projects and require constant attention on the maintenance side, so for a company to be successful in that environment, they have stood the test of time, and would be highly regarded by all in the industry.

A complete solution

If a company needed a complete air-cooling solution, this would require a specialised company to design an efficient system, taking into account all the variables of that particular industrial process. A complete system might include the following,

  • The cooler
  • Fan and motor assembly
  • Speed controllers
  • Thermostats
  • By-pass valves

Coolers can be customised to fit a specific space, and with aluminium and copper as the main materials, a design will be put together to give maximum efficiency. Low-noise coolers are available, which are essential in certain environments.

Top class service and application

Western Australia has a reputation in heavy industries like gas and oil, as the standards are world class, and with established support companies ready to step in, the system is always running as it should.