Monday 22 July 2024

Industry Boss Wants To Curry Favour Over Immigration Rules

When it comes to a crackdown on immigration in the UK, it is likely that some industries will be more affected than others. This is only natural as because immigration sees a broad range of people with a lot of different skills coming into the country, there will be some skills that are more readily available amongst the people coming to the country.

One industry that is bracing itself for difficulty is the curry industry. One of the leading professionals in this sector has stated that many restaurants across the country are finding it very difficult to bring in the best chefs and this is down to the changes in immigration rules.

Over the past 18 months, a total of 600 curry houses in the United Kingdom have closed down and the scare stories emanating from the industry claim that more than 4,000 restaurants could be forced to close. This would equate to one third of the entire industry so these are very serious claims.

Is this Scaremongering or a Genuine Claim?

There is the fact that many people will suggest that this is scaremongering and that if there is a need for top chefs in these restaurants, they should be trained up from people who are currently eligible to work in the United Kingdom. Being a chef if a skilled position but it is a position where skills can be developed and enhanced. There is also no need to have a cultural link to the country of the food’s origins to be able to make the food.

The main argument being made by leaders in the industry say that the changes in immigration laws have made it very difficult to bring in skilled chefs from Asia. This is being cited as a major factor in an inability of these industries to grow and develop. This has left firms feeling as though they are unable to create dishes to the expected level or to satisfy the demand of their customers.

Calls for a loosening of UK immigration rules have been led by Enam Ali, who is the founder of the British Curry Awards. The obvious comment to make is that Ali has been attempting to curry favour with the Government but rather than sending them a tasty dish, he provided the Government with a 75 page document. The Prime Minister, Employment Minister, Business Secretary and Home Secretary all received a document from Ali requesting the introduction of a one year visa for chefs who come to the United Kingdom from sub-continental Asia.

The Conservative Party has been Threatened

There was also a threat applied to the Conservative Party with Mr Ali claiming that the Asian community in the United Kingdom would be extremely unhappy with this situation and that they would be likely to vote against the Government in any upcoming election or vote. This is quite a statement for any individual to make and there are likely to be many factors that Asian people in the United Kingdom consider before voting.

Mr Ali is calling for a situation where restaurants can sponsor employees to come to the United Kingdom with the employer taking care of health insurance privately for any new chef. A concession was made in the plan with the fact that any dependents of the employee wouldn’t be allowed to come to the United Kingdom. While this may be seen as a move to encourage the Government to allow more professionals into the country, it may be a move that sees many chefs not wanting to come to the UK. Many professionals come to the United Kingdom with the hope of finding gainful employment and providing an income for their family and loved ones. The fact that the proposed visa is only for a year is something to bear in mind and you could see some young chefs willing to come to earn money and experience, but this may not be the calibre of chefs that should be brought in to make a difference.

The new rules means that any chef wanting to find work in the UK cannot do so at a restaurant that has a takeaway on the premises and they have to receive an annual wage of £29,570 after deductions for meals and accommodation.

This is an area that many people will be looking into and of course, other chefs and skilled employees will have an interest in any changes or amendments to the rules. Anyone looking for relevant advice should call on the leading solicitors for Turkish immigration London has to offer. Professionals looking for work in the UK are advised to seek out the assistance of Kangs Solicitors for guidance and support.

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