Friday 12 April 2024

Inspiring Entrepreneur Who Cares About Society!

There are several entrepreneurs in the world today however some take out extra time to care about society and the community as a whole. They are hardworking, motivating and inspiring. They set out to make their mark in business and also help their fellow human beings in the community. In Honolulu, there is one such passionate and caring entrepreneur who is well loved and respected in the society. Her name isKimberly Wang Dey!

Kimberley is the CEO and Founder of Number Eight or N8. Her Company is a reputed and credible company in Honolulu. She is the daughter of Charles B Wang- an esteemed figure in the region.  Her father too is mostly involved with charity and business. She drew her inspiration from her father. Kimberly stands out to be one of the best business leaders in the region today. She is skilled and knowledgeable.

Kimberly Wang Dey is known for her amazing business talent and communication skills. She has an eye for detail and perfection and is one of the best business analysts of her company. Kimberly not only looks into her personal welfare but she is deeply concerned about the welfare of budding entrepreneurs as well. She teaches them the basics of business and how they can learn the tricks of the trade with success. She is an individual who lends a helping hand to people who wish to hone their skills and create a positive difference to society as well.

Kimberly has not only contributed positively to the community but she has also been awarded with many rewards and honors. She has won the “40 under 40” in 2003 and is one of the finalists shortlisted for the prestigious award- “Women Who Mean Business”. She is deeply committed to her business but at the same time she is passionately devoted to horses. She has established her own horse breeding business and scholarship program for individuals who are aspiring horse riding lovers. This Scholarship Program is associated with The American Quarter Horse Association.

Kimberly herself is an accomplished horse rider and has won a number of tournament awards. Her horses have also participated in a number of tournaments and won competitions as well. These horses have won awards in both the national and international arenas.Besides work and her horse breeding business, Kimberley is also dedicated to charity. She is actively involved in charitable activities for children and other cross cultural affairs. Her sincere efforts to charity have paid off and in 2007 she became the Chairperson of The Je Jardin Board Of Trustees.

She also serves as the Vice-President for The Charles B Wang International Foundation named after her father. This reputed institute provides financial assistance to many local organizations that include The Boys and Girl’s Club of Hawaii, Le Lardin Academy, the ASSETS School and more. Kimberly has been kind enough to donate for the development and expansion of school projects. Kimberly Wang Dey is indeed the ideal and complete woman who is a role model for many people across Honolulu today!