Monday 15 July 2024

Instilling A Compassionate Heart and Community Service

In the present times if anyone is asked whether he has a android or a smart phone or not, the prompt reply that comes is “of course”; but how many people will be able to answer in the same manner if they are asked whether they do any act of service or not? Probably 1 in 10; though an unfortunate thing but that is the truth of the present world.

People have become so selfish that they can hardly think beyond themselves, and those who manage to gather enough courage to against the normal tide, they too are laughed at and shown the uselessness of helping others. The Westside Family Church has however, managed to stand against such tide and in fact stands tall.

This family church welcomes with open arms, one and all that are willing to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, among which they focus on service in the community. They conduct programs to create more awareness about the need for everyone to become more considerate and reach out their help to the needy and deprived people all around the globe.

All those who the Lord Almighty has blessed with abundance of wealth and other necessities of life should be ever grateful to God and return their gratitude by helping those who are in need. Giving away a little from your excess will not hurt you a wee bit; instead God had promised to give back seven fold of how much you are willing to sacrifice. The words of the Bible give authentication to this; and it is the Bible that forms the foundation of the Westside Family Church Lenexa KS.

This church are ardent believers of the teachings of Jesus which emphasize on having a compassionate heart and they believe that it is through service to others that they ensure a place closer to God and that is how they develop a better and lively relationship with God. God is not happy with expensive things and sacrifices of animals but it is the contrite heart that pleases God. You do not need to do great things; instead it is in the simplest of actions that your life will seem more meaningful.

Being able to help others is a blessing that not everyone receives, no matter how much you earn, at the end of the end when you sit to analyze what you fruitful thing you have done in a day, you will find yourself answering ‘nothing’. So, to add meaning to your existence and feeling a sense of satisfaction and well being, you just have to do the simple act of charity. This charity does not need to be donating huge sums of money but helping the needy people in person just like the Westside Church helps out abandoned children and several other needy people in India, Africa and Laos/Thailand. This is the way they believe that they are able to spread the love and care of Jesus in the hearts of people all over the world.