Sunday 19 May 2024

Investment Casting : Repairing Tips For Leaking Galvanized Tanks

Investment casting

Galvanized water tanks are made by investment casting foundry experts. These are super sturdy and cheap and are best for use for applications like watering livestock and storing water in bulk. The manufacturers coat the tank with zinc layer that provides protection to the tank from rust and corrosion. However, in the long run, galvanized tanks still develop leaks.

Instead of discarding a leaking tank, you can fix those small holes by yourself without spending more money. Inexpensive tools are available at the hardware store. You can get the required tools like hammer, rubber washer, etc.

Here is the step by step tutorial to fix the leaks in the tank-

  1. Use a hammer to make sharp edges protruding into the inside of the tank across the leaking hole flat.
  2. Put a small wooden block adjacent to the pinhole leak on the outside of the tank. Scraps from 2 by 4 will work well.
  3. Use the hammer for a 1 ½ inch threaded roofing nail with a rubber washer and hammer it through the pinhole leak (from inside of the tank).
  4. Drive the nail inside the wooden block until the rubber washer is tightly seated against the tank, plugging the leak.

How to repair leaks in enclosed water tanks?

Here is the step by step guideline to repair leaks in enclosed water tanks.

  • Drain the tank below the leak level
  • Drill the leaking hole to make it regular and smoother. Use a drill at least 3/8 inch in diameter
  • Now put the boiler repair plug inside the hole. Make sure the toggle bar should be located inside the tank and the rubber washer on the outside. Once you place them right, the toggle bar will spring back into an open position and will secure the plug in place.
  • Fasten the brass nut on the boiler repair plug and make sure the rubber washer should be tightly seated and form a seal for the leak point.

This is how professionals treat repairs in their galvanized water tanks. If you have any other query, share it with investment casting foundry and get informed. Professionals of investment casting will provide you best knowledge about the products. If you are looking for investment casting products, talk to the experts. Send your query to the manufacturers and avail a free quote and other exciting offers today.

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