Friday 19 July 2024

Is A Conservatory The Best Option For My Home?

Will bringing the outside in be right for you?

Property values and home improvements are a hot topic these days. Could a conservatory be the solution to give you that extra space and value to your home?

A profitable choice

Adding a conservatory to your home is widely regarded by property experts as one of the best ways to guarantee an increase in the value of your home. For a relatively low investment the return can be quite staggering: up to a 108% return in some cases, especially when you consider that a new bathroom can cost a similar amount, but only give you half as much profit.

Part of the appeal of a conservatory is that you will be adding an extra room to your house as well as adding extra value, and it gives you a space which is part of your house and at the same time very much a part of your garden too. Without the need for planning permission that would be part and parcel of adding an extension, a conservatory in most cases comes under ‘permitted development’ and as such you can embark on work without the need for putting in a planning application.

How to Choose

Before you leap in and buy the first conservatory you see online it is worth thinking about how it will look and how it will be used. If you live in a Victorian terrace you will want a design that is in keeping with the aesthetics of your property, just as you will want a different look if your home is more contemporary in its style.

Matching the type of conservatory to the existing architecture is the most important factor, but you will also want to decide if the conservatory is an extension of your home or a separate, unique building with its own entrance.

Generally, being able to move from the interior space of your house into the light and airy space that a garden room offers is the most popular option, but a wintergarden or orangery that sits apart and gives you a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of a busy home life is also an appealing option for those seeking something a little different.

Who to Choose

Deciding on a solution that blends harmoniously with your existing property and its surroundings is key when it comes to getting things right. It’s all too easy to end up with something that looks like it has been tacked on to the back of the house as an afterthought, so be sure to enlist the services of a company that has a track record in the industry and prides itself on delivering results that really look the part.

With our bespoke conservatory design, using only the best materials and with a real eye for detail, The Caulfield Company is committed to excellence and our team will work with you every step of the way to carefully craft an architectural enhancement to your home.

Mark Caulfield is the Founder of The Caulfield Conservatory Co, a bespoke conservatory designer based in Harrogate.