Monday 22 July 2024

Is Hardwood Flooring Right For You?

There are many flooring options available for homeowners nowadays. You can take your pick from laminate or vinyl, porcelain or ceramic tiles, and even stone such as marble. But for many, hardwood flooring is still the best option for homes.

It all depends, though, on what type of a person you are. If you answer yes to any of these questions, then perhaps wood flooring is indeed the best choice for you.

  1. Are you a real estate investor? The use of hardwood basically adds to the value of the house. Invest in wood for your flooring and the value of your home increases by the amount you spend, at the very least. Often, the increase in the value of your home is much greater than your investment expenses.

Any real estate agent will tell you a house with hardwood floors sells much more quickly than homes with other types of flooring. It just looks stylish and elegant, and it feels warm. When you prepare your home for viewing, the hardwood makes it look so much better.

  1. Do you hate spending too much time cleaning your floor? Many types of flooring may require frequent or complicated cleaning procedures. Carpets are among the most notorious flooring types that are just hard to clean.

In contrast, the hardwood doesn’t really acquire too much dirt and debris. Spills don’t stick to the floor surface quickly. All you need to do is to wipe down a dirty floor area when you find a spill. Once a week, you can mop and vacuum (there are machines for this purpose) and you’re done.

  1. Do you enjoy having people relax in your home? The look and feel of wood on your flooring somehow feels warm and inviting. It’s much homier and welcoming than the rather cold aloofness of stone flooring such as marble. When you come home, it’s as if your home is just waiting for you to arrive. For visitors, the feel is just inviting.
  2. Do you want your flooring to endure? Hardwood flooring can be so durable that it doesn’t just last years. It endures for generations. These panels can last even with heavy foot traffic, and they don’t look worn out very easily. You can also just sand and refinish them so you don’t have to replace them at all.

Look around any city and town, and you’ll find many stately historical homes with wood flooring. Chances are that the wood looks fine even after all these years. In fact, you might even regard them as more beautiful as they get older.

  1. Is a timeless look for you? The elegance and style of hardwood has never waned over the centuries. It is the kind of look that will be trendy in all the years to come. Its beauty doesn’t have to be decided by fashion trends and supposed experts. Instead, you can recognize its appeal all on your own.

That’s the problem with flooring such as carpets. There may be an “in” color or a trendy pattern, and after a year the trend will change and suddenly your carpet is out of style. That never happens to hardwood, especially with high-end species such as maple, oak, and walnut.

  1. Are you a musician? When your hardwood flooring is correctly installed, it provides excellent acoustics. It doesn’t make any hollow sounds or vibrations, and when you play a musical instrument the wood flooring just makes the music sound warmer.

So which of these questions received a “yes” answer from you? The more affirmative responses you give, the more likely it is that hardwood flooring is your best bet.