Sunday 23 June 2024

Is The Tag Line-Pixel vs Pixel 2, True!

Many of the users may certainly have seen a tagline embedded with the recently launched smart phone models from their same brand Google. After seeing it many of you would have reacted- Is the tag line-Pixel vs Pixel 2, true! What do you think is it true? Can you just think that Google would have created certain conflict in between the two new models and allowed you to get confused in the term Pixel vs Pixel 2? Many of you would say yes and similarly some of you may say no, but what is the fact that wanders you to think so. The tagline Pixel vs Pixel 2 certainly doesn’t mean by any way. Both are nearly of same pricing range and similar features and specs but with somewhat Google Pixel have a bit more operational features and in size even it differs a bit. As per your requirement you could grab any of the models mentioned. Pixel vs Pixel 2 certainly doesn’t need to be hiked. The below mentioned features will let you know the least difference in between the two models.

Pixel vs Pixel 2 in detail

The first distinguished objective in both the models is the type, Pixel is categorized as smartphone and Google Pixel 2 model is categorized under touch screen smart phone. The so called Pixel launched in the month of October 2016 which is the most recent launch from the brand and the Pixel 2 model will be launched soon this year. As we all know technical evolution and invention had have foot-marked its progress in a regular basis. So does the models do, with every invention the brand evolve the old model with latest technical support and availability. This progress is en-marked by the Google brand relevantly showing its progress in the trade of smart phone devices very effectively.

Pixel vs Pixel 2- the minimum differences found

As the type differs, Google has incurred certain differences in both the models. After the type categorization secondly we can differentiate with the dimension category- height of 153.2 mm, width of 76.1 mm and thickness of 7.6mm, weighing 171 g the Pixel is a bit more ahead than the Pixel 2 model with dimensions of 143.4 mm x 70.5 mm x 6.8 mm respectively, weighing around 138 g. now at third comes the display of Quad HD Super AMOLED incurred in both devices, the Pixel with a display of 5 inches has a resolution of 518ppi whereas the Pixel 2 with a display of 5.1 inches has a resolution of 577ppi. Then comes the battery, Pixel has 3000mAh non-removable battery whereas the Pixel 2 has 2550mAh battery which is removable. The Pixel has been defined with a RAM of 4GB whereas Pixel 2 incur a RAM of 6GB.

Pixel vs Pixel 2- same features prescribed as the other

All other factors or prescribed features and specs are mostly same in both the models, Like CPU, GPU, Operating Software, camera configuration etc. either of the devices incur exactly the same configuration as the other one. So you just stay calm and decide your choice and grab one of the models as per your need. Don’t get confused in the term Pixel vs Pixel 2.