Monday 26 February 2024

Is There Any Affordable Car Insurance For Drunk Drivers?

As driving and drinking happens to be a big question everywhere in the UK, the drink drivers do get themselves insured appropriately, but it does cost them a lot more for an inclusive coverage cover most of the times, and also depends on how many offences they have been a part of.

On the other hand, the political crack downs from the police initiatives that have been applied have been of greater significance. For instance, in Staffordshire, the police look into a pub ban for all those who drink and then drive and then have been caught. This would not just keep more of these drunk drivers off the road, but t his would also become an additional deterrent for all those who are considering about drinking and then driving after a night out at the pub.

The major issue with the pub ban was that these pubs threatened to raise their prices in case this happened as they would be getting fewer customers in this regard. This is something that many people were against. And mostly people believed that they should not have to pay more at the pubs due to someone else’s mistake. The law enforcement only wanted to use this technique as a deterrent to drinking and then driving, not to put the businesses in trouble. However, to keep the drivers from dinking and then getting behind bars consider this as a brilliant idea. Nevertheless, this did cause concerns for all those who are looking to keep their drink driver insurance cover affordable.

Once a driver gets caught drunk driving their car insurance cover goes up immediately. But, there is certainly a bit of hope for all those who are considering moving past their mistake and get reasonable insurance cover.

UK drunk drivers are usually not always repeat offenders, hence those who have made a mistake just once will eventually have their car insurance rates brought back down, but with further action from the police force and the idea of pub ban, could put drivers in hot water for a much longer period than anticipated.

If you have been caught as a drunk driver, you would want to look into the reasonable insurance covers that do not penalize you for the mistakes that you have made in the past. You would also prefer opting for plans that offer no claims discount so that you can enjoy better rates further along the line. This happens to be a great approach when it comes to saving money and still obtain the convicted drink driver insurance at affordable rates.