Saturday 25 May 2024

Is There Really A Need For Students To Opt For Purchasing Assignments Instead Of Writing It Themselves?

Is There Really A Need For Students To Opt For Purchasing Assignments Instead Of Writing It Themselves?

According to studies, it has been brought to the notice of experts who study the behavioral pattern of school going children and it was revealed that the issue of whether or not students should be tasked with homework burden is debatable.

Homework is fine as long as it does not dampen the student’s spirit and the will to study. It is imperative that children are being assisted at home by their parent/guardian or a tutor so that they can also set aside some time for fun and games because spending more than 2 hours on your homework is not fair by any means. You have to understand that there are certain students who get help but imagine the predicament for those who have no one to help them with their homework.

It is not that parents don’t care. It is just that they are too caught up in the adult business and playing adult that they seldom get time to see what their school kid is going through. Though that is not the case always but mostly it holds true. The child under such cases shows up at school and gives lame excuses to teachers. What happens next is what we can all relate to. The student will be required to skip his recess or may have to make for the time he couldn’t spend in completing his homework/assignment.

It is akin to working at a job you loathe and then to make for the workload which never ceases to halt you have to miss your lunch break. If those of you reading this can relate, then you know what that student will have to go through. Therefore, it lays the foundation for a student to buy assignment online from best assignment writers .

The idea, at least to me is that when a child takes homework from school, it is meant to inculcate in him responsibility. But what if the student tries desperately to cover their homework but in the end still fails and suffers due to a number of reasons stated above? Is it fair? Is it justified? I ask those who criticize the buying of assignments as result. I say provide an alternate to this student dilemma, and I will stand with you in a boycott of purchase of online assignments.

Homework assigning should be regulated. It is okay that they should retain what they have been taught in the classroom but one way to go about this is by assessing them based on spelling tests or asking oral questions on the tables they were supposed to memorize and so on and so forth. This speaks to their mental faculties and keeps their minds rejuvenated. This way parents will be involved with their kids so that they can excel at their quiz exams and such.

It would be safe to assume that children get overworked as a result. They, as a result, lose the ability to concentrate and often feel sleepy when in the classroom. Imagine having spent six hours in schools and other three hours at home doing the same thing again. Where is the relief? Where is the breath of fresh air? Where is the time for recreational activities, if any? Poof! Gone! The kids at this stage are meant to have fun and live out their childhood and not get buried with homework assignments.

Hence, it should be noted that if the teacher is constantly burdening the students with homework it tells a lot about that teacher’s intent. The teacher must be questioned as to what he/she intends to get out of it. Is it something that interests this person? Does he/she enjoy the students’ state of misery? If the school is proving to be some kind of a negative environment for students, it is best that they are home schooled then. I say, let the kids socialize, let them explore and it is only possible if we leave time for them but unburdening them with lesser homework.