Friday 19 July 2024

Is Your Company Receiving Quality Janitorial Cleaning Services

As a corporate head, you are tasked with the responsibility of hiring, firing and overseeing any persons that work within and for the company. Most big companies hire outside companies to take care of their cleaning and maintenance needs. Therefore, if you have never been in charge of overseeing such service providers, it can be challenging to determine if you are indeed getting quality services from them or are just being provided with mediocrity.

Everyone wants to get great corporate janitorial services from their service providers. And to ensure that your company receives quality services, you need first to consider the kind of cleaning services the company provides.  Knowing what tasks the company performs in your company will allow you to keep a record of when and how these tasks are performed.

Also, you will have to consider the amount of money your pay for these services. This you can do by making inquiries at various cleaning companies to find out the price of the services you receive and then compare with what the company in question charges you. Knowing the variations in price will help to wonder if you are over charged or undercharged for the job that is being done.

Another thing that you might want to factor in is the schedule. An excellent and reliable cleaning service will always work around your schedule so as to avoid work conflicts and any inconveniences. Some companies will come to your premises after you have closed for the day. Cleaning companies come to do major cleaning tasks like polishing floors, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, and floor buffing after hours. These providers may even come during holidays or weekends when the majority of your staff is away.

One thing that most corporates fail to recognize in janitorial services is just how reliable and efficient is their customer service. When evaluating the work quality of any cleaning service, you need to also look at how quickly do they resolve any complaints. If at one point you were dissatisfied with their services or weren’t impressed with a member of their staff, how did they handle your concerns? You can try reading reviews from their customers to see how efficient their customer service is or you can always ask for a few references to talk to them directly for yourself.

Last, but not least, effective cleaning services will be reflected in how good your office looks and smells. If your office is always neat, clean and fresh smelling, then it means that you are getting quality services from a reliable janitorial service provider.Otherwise, start looking for a better janitorial service provider.

It’s important to ensure that the company taking care of your janitorial needs is experienced in handling office furniture, personal belongings and equipment. This is so that they don’t end up mishandling your furnishings leading to property damages.

Overall, you will know that you are getting quality and reliable janitorial cleaning services if you are always happy with the work the company does and comfortable with the cleaning personnel and customer service plus the price you pay for these services. Nonetheless, if you have experienced an ongoing turnover problem due to sloppy work in the past by low balling cleaning companies then stick with the reliable smaller business cleaning firms that place your needs first and foremost.