Monday 15 July 2024

Is Your Workplace Ready For The Festive Season?

Is Your Workplace Ready For The Festive Season

November and December mark a busy time of the year, where employees take time off to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s Day but this certainly comes with consequences both positive and negative. As, the year closes – morale may be high and employees may be a lot happier; on the flipside, they may taking time off or coming in late because of the festivities going on which rise during this time of the year. Here are 3 questions employees often have about their jobs and how employers can deal with them:

  1. How much leave am I entitled to?

Depending on the nature of the organisation; whether it closes or not during the festive period; employees are generally entitled to taking leave on the 16th the 25th, 26th and 31st of December and 1 January. Most companies close on the 15th of December and open on the 3rd or 5th of January. If an employee has left over leave from the course of the year; then they can add these days to extend their holiday. has designed an innovative cloud based Leave Management System where employers can easily track leave and employees are aware of how much leave they have remaining.

  1. What about my salary?

Many businesses face having to pay their employees early and it is important to emphasize on financial savviness during the festive season. Whilst some employers pay their employees on the usual pay date; it is also normal to pay them before they go away on holiday. It is an employee’s responsibility to exercise financial control and return to work without expecting an advance on their salary because they are broke.

  1. What if I have to work on one of the holidays?

This counts as overtime, and the specified overtime rules will apply. Companies using the Zigo Leave Tracking system can look forward to outlining these policies in the system and communicating them to employees in an efficient manner. The tracking system will efficiently assist both employers and employees to track leave days and overtime effectively. primarily operates as a job aggregator in South Africa and is expanding into the UK and the USA. SMEs can sign up here to find new talent for future job roles.