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Ishqbaaz Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

Ishqbaaz Full Episode Cast and Main Characters

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz brings the story of 3 heirs of the Oberoi family. The 3 brothers square measure terribly totally different, however have an excellent bond. Shivaay, Omkara and Hindu deity square measure terribly shut and love one another plenty. they’re every other’s strength and weakness too. Shivaay loves his business and his brothers. Omkara is associate creator and has nothing to try and do with the business. Hindu deity may be a carefree and amusing guy. he’s forever busy in gyms and parties. He has no time for business.

It is terribly onerous to interrupt the brother’s unity. But, there’s a war to decide on the heir among them. Their folks square measure against one another and running within the heir-ship race. The brothers aren’t stricken by their parents’ clashes. Their gran may be a affectionate woman, World Health Organization needs the brothers forever keep united. The story can gift however the brothers keep united through all the hurdles and external pressures.


Omkara is Tej and Jhanvi’s elder son. Omkara is right down to earth, sweet, humble and speaks nothing however the reality. He doesn’t run once his Oberoi’s tag advantages. Omkara believes in creating his identity himself by following his heart. Omkara has no interest within the close corporation. he’s associate creator by profession and every one of his day passes in creating statues. He earns millions by his art and is content along with his life. Omkara loves Shivaay and Hindu deity deeply. He principally tries to point out actuality facts to Shivaay. He needs Shivaay falls in true love some day. he’s not on sensible terms with Tej, however respects his mother Jhanvi plenty.


Anika may be a social class woman. She is daring, stunning and sensible. She makes her own means and is extremely assured. Anika runs a line business. Anika is associate orphan and infrequently humiliated by her Bua. Anika earns her living and has a lot of self-worth. Anika’s Bua snatches her earnings and controls Anika by seeking facilitate of a corrupt constable. Anika speaks her mind and isn’t terrified of anyone. Anika’s weakness is her brother Sahil. Anika regrets the very fact that she is bereft of a family. Anika meets Shivaay by destiny, and dislikes Shivaay’s angle.


Shivaay Oberoi is that the eldest of the 3 brothers. he’s Hindu deity and Pinky’s son. Shivaay runs the Oberoi business and believes in power and cash. Shivaay will relationship or enmity with individuals of equal standing. He dislikes class individuals and believes in equality in creating any relation. Shivaay is incredibly trendy and shows Oberoi’s perspective all over. he’s the angriest of the 3. Shivaay thinks nothing will ever limit him and his dreams. he’s proud to be Associate in Nursing Oberoi. he’s not involved regarding the family politics and loves his younger brothers lots. Shivaay is incredibly caring and soft hearted towards Omkara and Rudra. Shivaay features a girlfriend ischaemia, and believes she is ideal life partner for him.

Ishqbaaz Star Plus Serial Cast:

Nakuul Mehta Playing the role as Shivaay Singh Oberoi

Kunal Jaisingh Playing the role as Omkara Singh Oberoi

Leenesh Mattoo Playing the role as Rudra Singh Oberoi

Subha Rajput Playing the role as Priyanka Singh Oberoi

Surbhi Chandna Playing the role as Anika

Mahesh Thakur Playing the role as Tej Singh Oberoi

Siraj Mustafa Khan Playing the role as Shakti Singh Oberoi

Nikita Anand Playing the role as Pinky Shakti Singh

Mrinal Deshraj Playing the role as Jhanvi Tej Singh

Ishqbaaz Full Episode