Thursday 18 July 2024

It May Be Time To Sell Your Home

Up to 46% of Australian citizens will move at least once in the first 15 years of their lifetimes, meaning that it is a fairly common occurrence to see a change of address multiple times. That said, some homeowners need a bit of convincing before they plan to sell, whether because they hold an emotional attachment to the old property or simply fear the current buyer’s market. No matter the reason, there are many situations that call for the sale of your old home and its subsequent replacement with something better, more comfortable, and, perhaps, much larger.

Size Matters

Many first-time home buyers choose what some refer to as a “starter” home, just a two-bedroom property large enough for two adults and one child. As families grow, that smaller space may no longer be enough to handle the additions and it is time for that family to sell their original property for a larger option. This is the most common reason why a group of residents will choose to sell a smaller home and move into something larger and selling is made easy when you visit sites such as for a fast and simple consultation.

It May Be Time To Sell Your Home


It may be that you originally chose a small, quaint home because it had a number of beautiful aspects that caught your attention but that same charming home is now outdated and in need of a serious upgrade. Rather than spending many tens of thousands on renovating the entire property, you could choose to sell the home and simply move into a new home with all the upgrades you want but for a more reasonable down payment. Not only are you able to choose a larger, more beautiful home with more rooms, perhaps a deck, and a nicer neighbourhood, but the money realised from selling your original home may allow you to make the switch without any cash directly out of your pocket right away.

The Better Option

Many homeowners purchase what they believe to be the ideal home only to discover there are more than a few flaws in the home. A new property in a better location and with upgraded features can help a homeowner to feel more in control and to finally love the home that he or she owns. This is not only critical, as many homes are meant to be kept for years to come, but it may allow you to finally feel at home in your own property and spend several generations there with your growing family.

Job Transfers

It may be that you love your property the way it is right now but you have an amazing job offer that you cannot refuse and it is located far from your original home. The cost of petrol is higher now than in any decade before, making the cost of a long commute too great to make staying in your original property practical. The best thing that you can do for yourself and for your family is to make the most of your new job offer and allow it to become the reason that you finally choose a better and more enjoyable property in a new location.