Sunday 14 April 2024

It’s Time To Track Attendance In A Single Screen

We are seeing many fields that are running in this society. The most common problem in all the companies or the colleges or schools or in an office is the attendance registration. This may seem to be very causal problem but its reacts is much in back of the managements. When it comes to the school or any educational institution, then the consequence is only to the students. As this is the world of technical and the software, we need to handle this problem to by the help of the special software. Then is so once a social wellness group approaches the software team regarding this problem. The team too agreed to find the solution to their problem. They are the soft tome online company they finally they have designed a project and named it as the attendance software.

We need to pay much attention towards the speaker while they are introducing about new software. We need to give them the best and the very useful software to user. Also the software mush is able to use in the real time life and should be very possible as well as low expensive. Then only the audience will hear you then listen to you. Here this is such type of software, which is much useful in all the field of companies as well as very low in cost. For students it may seem to be very little thing to come late to the school or the class. But on the whole while there are so many dangerous facts are in existing around the city when we are careless with the attendance.

For an instance, a class teacher is spending at least one minute for taking the attendance. Then you just calculate the total time for a day and then for a month and a year. Totally they are wasting nearly half an hour per week and then nearly 18 hours in a year.  This time taking will be burn for the students as well as the teacher in order to incomplete of the works. Some of the problems are as follows.

  • Students have chance to lose their scheduled works.
  • Late comers cannot be track accurately.
  • Lethargic mind set gets improved.

Glimpse About the Software:

Tracking is much important in these days. Since this is the world of little frauds and the laziness, we need to be very aware and protective for our safety too. Thus the company has developed the software for the attendance registration. This is the registration for accurate, sharp and exact. We cannot do any type of mal function with this single screen development. In this software, we can calculate the exact timings of both the in and out timings. This will not go wrong calculation at any point of the time. The thumbs prints can also be enabled in this software. Then the automatic leave calculation and the accurate loss of pay calculations and then the vacation accruals are be possible with this software only.