Tuesday 23 April 2024

Jonathan Bunge States About Beneficial Effects Of Playing Football By Kids

Playing sports in any form proves beneficial especially for the kids as it helps them in their growth and development. Some children take up the football as their sport which actually requires higher endurance power and strong muscular strength. So, Jonathan Bunge here recalls his childhood when he was also of the view that he eats, sleeps and breathes football but after playing till school days, he actually realized the strength and beneficial effects associated with this game.

Advantages of Playing Football

There are many benefits of playing football by the kids as it teaches them the team spirit and inculcates helpful and strategic nature in them. With regular practice of the sports at school and college level, these kids can take this as their profession and in future become part of big clubs and get a chance to play in National Football League. Jonathan Bunge tells that for this, one needs to get the training of their child under the guidance of good coach which is necessary. It will have a fruitful effect on the mental and physical growth of the child. Let’s check out its main beneficial effects:-

  • Health Benefits: – The game of football has a positive effect on the health of the child because it includes sprinting, running and the drills. This helps in improving the agility, strength, hand-eye coordination and speed of the kids while they are playing on the field.

  • Teamwork:Great friendships are developed amongst the kids while they are playing this game. As it requires teamwork and focus of everyone towards one initial goal which is to win the match. This later helps them in their life by developing a close relation with their near and dear ones in their life.

  • Discipline:This is the most important skill or quality which the kids develop while playing this game. While playing football one needs to be disciplined enough to avoid any kind of physical or mental error which may affect the game.

  • Physical Toughness:This game also demands a higher level of endurance power to run and pass the ball to your teammates. The kids need to be physically fit and tough by doing varied sort of exercises. This also helps them to take over their limitations if any and the injuries which are caused during the game also make them tough.

Effects of being a Part of Football

Jonathan Bunge tells that as the kids will start playing this game, their future will be indeed a brighter one and will be secure as a great training at this level will help them to make a mark when they grow up. There are many advantages which are discussed here but despite that it also makes you sound morally as well as mentally. It gives you happiness when you win the game and even helps you to learn a lot from your failures which can help you further to play the game in a better way.

Lastly, it can be seen that American football game has a bright future with kids taking up this zealous sport.