Tuesday 23 April 2024

Keep It Cool: 4 Steps To An Amazing Company Culture

What makes a company successful? There are several ways to answer this question, but perhaps one of the biggest attributes is a great company culture. Some organizations believe that free snacks, no vacation policy, and other perks will make employees want to perform better in the workplace; others believe that having strict hours and deadlines will keep employees focused on the task at hand, resulting in the highest quality of work. So, which environment do employees prefer working in? According to a survey conducted by Gallup, 70% of Americans are disengaged on the job; the majority of those individuals work for a company that does not prioritize work culture. There are four key steps that make up the foundation of an amazing company culture.


Companies with an excellent culture are supporters of transparency in the workplace. The purpose of transparency is to help employees understand the thought process, strategy, and responsibilities within each level of the organization; employees get insight into what the company is planning for the future, day-to-day operations, company financials, and other sensitive information that is often kept private between upper level management. When executives are open with their employees about these larger topics, trust is built. Employees feel like they have a voice in the company; they can give feedback, discuss their opinions, and feel comfortable sharing their ideas, regardless of where they fall on the company’s org chart.

Strong Leadership

Organizations with an amazing culture are very mindful before selecting someone for a leadership position. Rather than hire somebody who has the same background as other members on the management team, it is important to find an individual that has different experiences; the team will complement one another instead of having disagreements about skillsets other members are familiar with. Additionally, all employees in a leadership role must be passionate about the company’s core values and goals.


A great culture is filled with managers and coworkers who empower one another. Employees who are constantly given detailed instructions on how to do their job are much more stressed than those who are given general directions. When an employee does not feel micromanaged, they are able to feel a sense of accomplishment; the freedom that comes with completing a difficult task without being supervised allows employees to feel like an asset to the company.

Hiring the Right People

It is important to realize that without the right people, an awesome culture wouldn’t exist; this is perhaps, the most significant step in order for a culture to flourish. To start, the human resources (HR) department must ensure that all interview candidates fall in line with the company’s core values, which should be easily accessible to all employees through the company’s HR software. If the initial meeting goes well, it is HR’s job to have the candidate interview with several other employees at the company; doing so will provide insight as to whether or not the individual is a good cultural fit. While the candidate should always meet the job’s qualifications, it is better to hire someone who is a cultural fit over someone who has a stronger skillset; teaching someone how to do a job is much easier than changing the minds and behaviors of those who don’t fit in with the company’s way of thinking.

Success comes in several forms, but having an amazing company culture is a big part of it. While building and maintaining this type of environment in the workplace is difficult, the end result contributes a great deal to a company’s success in the industry. Employees who feel appreciated, empowered, and trusted by their organization’s leadership team are less likely to switch jobs down the road; those who are happy with their company will produce better work, and ultimately, play a huge role in keeping the great culture alive.