Monday 26 February 2024

Keep Your Spa Or Hot Tub Clean The Easy Way

If you’re quite new to owning a hot tub or spa it can sometimes take a while to get into the routine of keeping it clean, however, there are some kits and products out there that can make life much easier for you. We caught up with Aqua Spa Supplies to find out what these are.

Instead of purchasing a range of separate items to keep your hot tub clean, a far simpler way would be to purchase a Maintenance Kit which has all the items you need in one pack. You’ll get a Supa-vac underwater vacuum to remove dirt and debris from the bottom, a pump attachment and a drainage hose for emptying together with a three section telescopic hose and a snap fit garden hose connection. The kit also comes with a spa scoop for removing leaves and twigs from the water, a spa brush for getting rid of dirt, cover wipes for keeping the cover clean and a scum absorbing disk. It also comes with a set of instructions to get you started.

Of course you may already have some of the gadgets required to keep the spa clean, in that case you only need buy the extra ones. If you’re in need of a gadget to remove dirt and small stones from the bottom, a good choice would be the Paradise Spa Vac. It operates quite simply with no need for pumping or batteries by placing it over the dirt or stones and holding your thumb over the end. When you take your thumb off it draws water into the chamber together with the dirt and small stones. The water will drain back into your hot tub leaving the debris in the gadget so it can be easily removed. The aluminium pole will extend to around seven feet so it can be used in the larger models as well quite easily.