Sunday 03 March 2024

Keeping Wasps Away From Summertime Fun

Keeping Wasps Away From Summertime Fun

When you send your children outside to play during the summer months the last thing you want is for one of them to be stung by a wasp. Wasp stings are painful and they can cause children to have a very big meltdown. The tears can flow for hours after a wasp sting and it really will ruin your day. Elevate Pest Control gave us some tips to follow to keep wasps away from your fun activities in the summer so you don’t have to worry about wasp stings.


Tramps are on of children’s favorite places to hang out in the summer. If you live in a subdivision you have likely looked out your window to a tramp full of neighborhood kids giggling and having a grand time many times this summer. Unfortunately, trampolines are one of the biggest reasons for children being stung by wasps. Because of the way the metal is built to hold a tramp pad, it makes a great place for wasps to live.

You should be sure to check your trampolines frame often for wasps. The small holes where the springs attach make a great entrance inside of the safe tube for wasps. If you keep your eyes on the tube often, you should be able to catch any nests that are forming before there are hundreds of wasps living inside of the tramp waiting to sting your children.

Play Sets

Playsets are another great place for wasps to build nests. Plastic sets are less likely to have wasp nests attached to them, but wood playground sets are a great option for wasps. Just as with the trampoline, try and check the surface regularly. Wasps are likely to build their nests on the bottom side of the sets. Check underneath slides and below steps. These are areas your children are going to be often, and they may scare the wasps and ultimately become stung.

Avoid Fragrances

Something you can do each day to help protect your children as they play in places where you have to been able to check for wasps is to avoid placing any types of fragrances on their bodies. The dry weather can be really hard on kids skin in the summer and it can mean an increase in the amount of lotion you are using to keep their skin moist. Be sure that when you are choosing lotions that you choose fragrance free scents. You would be surprised how many stings occur because kids smelled really sweet to wasps. Sweet smells are obviously going to be more attractive to wasps, but any scent is not good. If you can avoid scents you can help protect your children a little more. This also goes for hair products, sunscreens, and in wash scent boosters. Anything that smells sweet is going to attract wasps to your kids.