Saturday 13 April 2024

Key Points One Should Know About The Visa Rejection Of Singapore

Key Points One Should Know About The Visa Rejection Of Singapore

Singapore is an awesome vacation destination and if you are planning to visit the country this holiday then you need to know a few things. Before planning your trip make sure you complete the visa process carefully so that you can enjoy the trip with great enthusiasm. Singapore is the country where you can find large number of attractions from beautiful Marina Bay to traditional China town. You can experience lots of fun and thrill here.

The place will definitely conquer your mind with its versatile beauty and exotic places. Singapore is ranked as the second largest country for expats with great business exposure and good quality education.

About Singapore Visa

If you are planning to visit Singapore, you need to check whether you need a visa or not. The immigrants from UAE, USA and Europe do not need any pre- visa to get entry into Singapore. They will get their visa upon arrival and other country expats will need a visa before making a move to Singapore. There are certain reasons for rejection of visa to Singapore, you are suggested Visa Express explanation for this.

  • You need to follow the visa rules and regulations strictly. You should not oppose the laws as they have a motive. So, you must follow them to get your work done on time. You must not state false things in your visa. If a consulate finds something wrong he may ask for extra documents or simply reject your application.
  • You are suggested that you should not show your proof of return to your hometown or your onward journey through bus, rail or boat as these means of transport are difficult to trace, you can show your journey through flights as the flights are always easy to track.
  • Another major reason for visa rejection can be the latest rejection of your visa. If your visa has been rejected recently then there are high chances of visa rejection again, so you are suggested to wait for a certain time period and then apply again to get your visa.
  • You cannot file the application twice to get your visa soon. If a Singapore consulate finds the double application of the same candidate he may reject your application same time, so you should not make such mistakes.
  • Make sure that the photographs are clear. The unclear or blurred photograph may lead to the rejection of your application. The background of the photograph should be white and the photo must be a recent one that should not exceed less than three months.
  • If the passport validity is less than 6 months then there are more chances of your visa getting cancelled. It is necessary to have passport validity greater than 6 months to get the visa from Singapore Consulates.
  • You must state your itinerary from your home to your destination or from home to destination 1 to destination 2 and to home back.

It is completely in hands of the Singapore consulates to provide the visa but you should avoid making any mistakes.