Tuesday 23 April 2024

Know From Westside Family Church How Important It Gets for A Christian To Attend A Church?

The more you impose rules on humanity, the more he tries to break out from it. And when visiting the Church gets so much stringent for the Christians, it is indeed tempting to find people skipping the Church session. Life indeed has got so busy and demanding that there might be some serious issues to deal with rather than attending the prayers in the Churches. So people come down to dealing with their visiting the Churches, and it seems to them that going three out of the four Sundays is okay.

This is precisely where Westside Family Church Lenexa KS believes the attitude should be changed, for spiritual awareness cannot be attained forcibly. In most of the Gospels that has been written, it says that Christians must see going to the Churches as their privilege, and not a mere responsibility. The sooner the change in thoughts can be brought, the better it gets for them because one must appreciate the gift that God has given us in the form of the human body which allows us to attend the Churches and be under his grace. Instead of keeping the Church attendance in one of the weekly checklists in modern life, the approach should be more considerate.

The Change that Westside Family Church Wants to Bring In Fellow Christians

Go though any page of the Bible or through any Gospel and you’ll find one thing at the heart of Christianity. Every Christian living on this planet is the son and daughter of the God, and hence it is the one family that grows in number every single day. So just like you meet your own family every single day, you should also meet this extended family at least once a week because that helps Christianity to go further in their basic concept of oneness. Hearing the words of God, worshipping with your fellow mates gives the Christians a unique opportunity to see what God is doing with the lives of His people, not just around your neighborhood, but across the Universe.

Meeting together in the Churches every Sunday for prayers allows every single Christian to receive the encouragement and also inspires each one of them to encourage the other. Jesus has always allowed them to go nearer to Him, who keeps following the path He followed- that is filled with unselfishness, and giving up the self for the entire world.

Westside Family Church Lenexa KS believes that the world is getting narrower every single day, and hence the narrow interests are letting it crumble into bits and pieces. This can be avoided only by interacting with the entire world, the people living around and by you. The more united the world gets, the stronger it can be resilient against the terrorist forces that only plot of destroying it. The church is the best place to start this process of uniting, and hence instead of making it a compulsion, the Christians must come satisfactorily.